Software Identification with COMPAREX SAM2GO Profiler

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 February 15, 10am - 11 am CET

 February 15, 4pm - 5pm CET

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 Winfried Metzger, Product Manager SAM2GO Profiler

 licensing managers, purchaser, IT managers, administrators

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Join our webinar (including a live demo) and learn what level of information SAM2GO Profiler will deliver. Discover cost saving potentials that will really surprise you.
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We’ll show you what software you can consolidate by classifying it according to its functions using the SAM2GO Profiler. This will allow you to cut costs for maintenance and internal support while also sharply reducing the process costs associated with managing your software.

We create the conditions necessary for strategic, cost-effective software procurement: You can buy new software at a far lower price by purchasing volume licenses.

We identify the high-risk software your virus detector would never be able to discover. SAM2GO Profiler identifies any software that poses a security risk, for example, games, applications with access to the Internet, network applications, crack tools, and mobile apps.

We provide you with an overview. While inventory tools often only analyze standard software from major vendors, the SAM2GO Profiler identifies all of your installed software. We have a number of reporting options at our disposal that allow us to manage all your used software provided from any vendor.

Find and identify all your installed software products!

We’ll show you potential for contract consolidations with COMPAREX SAM2GO Profiler through normalization of Software data in categories such as functionalities, license requirements etc.  COMPAREX SAM2GO Profiler offers you the ability to manage your software estate more efficiently as your entire software portfolio will be classified by version, edition, language, function, support and many more such characteristics. All of that with a 99 percent recognition rate for more than 14,000 vendors and more than 700,000 releases.

Join the live-webinar to discover how SAM2GO Profiler works. During the live demonstration our expert will provide you with answers to questions such as:

  • What information does SAM2GO Profiler deliver?
  • How do you benefit from the results?
  • Which requirements need to be fulfilled?

The webinar is available on different at various times. Select the button with the time that matches your celandar the best to register.

 February 15, 10am - 11 am CET

 February 15, 4pm - 5pm CET

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Terms & Conditions

Here you can download the COMPAREX General Terms and Conditions:  PDF

SAM2GO Profiler provides you a comprehensive report on your complete software environment. It is part of COMPAREX SAM2GO, Software Asset Management as a managed service that helps you to reduce your compliance risks.

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Winfried J.P. Metzger

Winfried J.P. Metzger

Product Manager COMPAREX SAM2GO Profiler

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