10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Edge (Plus: Free Cheat Sheet)

Edge is the name of the nifty browser that Microsoft presented together with Windows 10. Microsoft Edge includes a number of new and handy features, among them Web Note that allows users to write, type and draw directly on webpages. The small e symbol as a desktop icon and keyboard combination – familiar from Internet Explorer – has remained unchanged. We have compiled 10 keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer that make surfing the net that little bit easier. Our cheat sheet with keyboard shortcuts  to print out and attach to your monitor make sure that they will not be forgotten.

Applies to Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11

An article by COMPAREX Editorial Team

1 Open a new tab: T as in tab. The keyboard combination Ctrl + T is a child’s play method to open a new browser window. Let the search begin!

Shortcut 1/10: Open a new tab

Open a new tab

2 Add current site to favorites: You like what you are reading? Press Ctrl + D to add a page to your favorites.

Shortcut 2/10: Add current site to favorites

Add current site to favorites

3 Open favorites pane: Saving pages as favorites is wonderfully practical and puts an end to protracted Google searches. The keyboard combination Ctrl + I opens the favorites pane without requiring a laborious switch between the keyboard and the mouse. It’s an even faster way to find old and new favorite pages.

Shortcut 3/10: Open favorites pane

Open favorites pane

4 Refresh page: Seeing the Arcade Fire live is one of your longest held wishes? You need nimble fingers on the ticket portal, as the concerts are sold out in minutes. Press F5 to refresh the page and make sure you’re right there when the tickets go on sale. By the way, the combination Ctrl + R does exactly the same job and makes sure that Internet pages are entirely up-to-date.

Shortcut 4/10: Refresh page

Refresh page

5 View downloads: You downloaded the IKEA catalogue last week already? The keyboard combination Ctrl + J shows your most recent downloads at a glance.

Shortcut 5/10: View downloads

View downloads

6 Find on page: You don’t need to read the whole page to find one piece of information in a longer text. Press Ctrl + F to open a window in an instant and type in the keywords you want to find.

Shortcut 6/10: Find on page

Find on page

7 Move to the beginning of a document: How nice that the technical article on cloud computing is particularly long and rich in information. But scrolling to the beginning of a document can cost both time and nerves. Pressing the home key (Pos1 on German keyboards) brings you back to the beginning of a document that bit faster.

Shortcut 7/10: Move to the beginning of a document

Move to the beginning of a document

8 Open link in a new tab and switch to the tab: Pressing the keyboard combination Ctrl + Shift at the same time as left-clicking on the mouse will open a link in a new window and show it as the current tab.

Shortcut 8/10: Open link in a new tab and switch to the tab

Open link in a new tab and switch to the tab

9 Switch to a specific tab number: Are you suffering from the too-many-tabs-syndrome? The keyboard combination Ctrl + 1, 2, 3, …, 8 lets you switch elegantly from one page to the next. The tabs are numbered from left to right.

Shortcut 9/10: Switch to a specific tab number

Switch to a specific tab number

10 Print the current page: The rare species still exists: The 'can I have it on paper-osaurus' . The keyboard combination Ctrl + P is precisely what they need to print out documents and webpages.

Shortcut 10/10: Print the current page

Print the current page

Are these too many keyboard shortcuts at once?

Our compact cheat sheet with shortcuts for Microsoft Edge , is always on hand to help refresh your memory. Simply print it out and stick it to your monitor.

By the way: Our practical cheat sheets to print out are also available for other Microsoft Office programs like  Word,  PowerPoint,  OneNote or  Outlook.

Leipzig, 06.12.2016

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