Enterprise Advantage on MPSA: New Microsoft License Model for Medium-Sized Enterprises

Brand new in 2017: Microsoft is introducing the Enterprise Advantage, a new license model that explicitly addresses the needs of medium-sized companies . By doing so, the vendor is again simplifying its existing license program and the process of software procurement. The Select Plus program was discontinued back in July 2016, and the entry level for an Enterprise Agreement was raised to 500 users. In the following we have put together everything you need to know about the Enterprise Advantage on MPSA .

Why is the Enterprise Advantage on MPSA being introduced?

The Enterprise Advantage on MPSA is designed to optimize the  Microsoft Products and Service Agreement. It means that medium-size companies will receive the same benefits as they would with an Enterprise Agreement and can purchase enterprise-wide licenses on a three-year basis.

What can a company expect from the new license model?

First of all a flexible contract to procure software licenses that meet the specific needs of the company. Then the same benefits as in a standard Enterprise Agreement: price structure, product platform and SA coverage.

Who would benefit from the Enterprise Advantage on MPSA?

Medium-sized enterprises with between 250 and 2400 users worldwide (exception: China and India).

Which benefits does the Enterprise Advantage have on MPSA?

  • Enterprise-wide mix and match of unlimited-term licenses and subscriptions with cloud services like Office 365, Azure and CRM Online
  • Purchase possible at any time without concluding any additional contracts
  • Budget security and price protection
  • Simple asset management, including true-up and true-down of subscriptions and services


Does this also apply to public service and the education sector?

No. The Government Advantage and the Education Advantage will see the launch of equivalent programs over the course of 2017.

Do you need more information about MPSA?

Then read our blog article “Microsoft Products and Services Agreement: One contract fits all

Leipzig, 11.08.2016

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