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COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team

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 05/05/2017 | COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Windows 10: Here are the Most Important (NEW) Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 brings plenty of new features, including an improved Start menu, the digital voice-controlled assistant Cortana, the new browser Microsoft Edge and virtual desktops. Familiar and new keyboard functions make operation even simpler and more efficient. Below you will find a cheat sheet with the most important shortcuts.
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 04/21/2017 | COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
5 useful functions in Skype for Business

Skype for Business has brought us all closer together. The program has become indispensable for companies operating on an international stage in particular. Employees in Hong Kong, Berlin and San Francisco can hold meetings at the drop of a hat, collaborate on documents or chat. COMPAREX has put together five useful functions that every user should know in order to use the tool as efficiently as possible.
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 04/13/2017 | COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Famous Google Easter Eggs

As you are probably going to eat loads of sweets and chocolate eggs during the next days, you might want to have look on these kind of Easter eggs that don’t cause a stomach ache.
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 03/08/2017 | COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tips and tricks for Microsoft Edge: How to Browse the Web with Windows 10

You’ve downloaded Windows 10, but out of habit you continue to surf the net with the old Internet Explorer or an alternative browser? After all, you are familiar with all the functions in your standard browser and have set up your bookmarks. But that way you’ll miss out on quite a few cool new features in Microsoft Edge that revolutionize web searches. Our tips and tricks for Microsoft Edge ensure the switch will be perfectly easy. We’ll tell you what’s new and where to find the familiar functions.
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 02/15/2017 | COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tuning Outlook – 7 Tips to Increase Your Speed

You click on the small, blue icon, but still the Outlook home screen takes ages to load, and it lasts a few moments until you see the mail preview. Then the mouse stops. If you’re familiar with this scenario, your Outlook is too slow. In many cases this will be due to incorrect settings that can be remedied quickly. We have put together 7 tips to help you tune your Outlook and get it up and running at full speed.
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 02/10/2017 | COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Cyber Threats in 2016: Here’s where the danger lurks

Banks, companies, governments and private individuals – they were all affected by cyber threats in 2016. The DDoS attacks unleashed on devices belonging to the Internet of Things were particularly concerning. The attacks on the website of the journalist Brian Krebs at 620 gigabit per second, on OHM at one Terabit per second and on Dyn at 1.2 Terabit per second were new records. In this article, COMPAREX sums up the biggest cyber threats of 2016 and explains what we can learn from them for 2017.
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 12/21/2016 | COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Individualize Windows 10: The best free apps: functionality

Windows 10 comes with a stack of great new features. Users can navigate intuitively through an improved Start menu, ask the voice recognition software Cortana for advice, or skip back and forth between virtual desktops. But there are a few more tricks to improve the performance of Windows 10 and to adjust its features to suit your personal requirements.
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 12/06/2016 | COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Edge (Plus: Free Cheat Sheet)

Edge is the name of the nifty browser that Microsoft presented together with Windows 10. Microsoft Edge includes a number of new and handy features, among them Web Note that allows users to write, type and draw directly on webpages. The small e symbol as a desktop icon and keyboard combination – familiar from Internet Explorer – has remained unchanged. We have compiled 10 keyboard combinations for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer that make surfing the net that little bit easier.
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 11/25/2016 | COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
10 Best Features for Beginners in Excel

We have taken a look at the most common Excel functions to give novices a better grasp of the world’s most commonly used spreadsheet calculation program and present to you: The five best Excel functions for beginners.
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 11/11/2016 | COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Individualize Windows 10: The best free apps for your custom look2

Switch to Windows 10: Yes or no? Windows users have faced this question for the last 15 months. It’s not an easy one to answer, as among the new aspects contained in the new operating system is a revamped look. It is well-known that getting used to a new design can take time and slow down the workflow. But users can draw on apps for Windows 10 to make this transitional phase hassle-free.
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