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  12/06/2016 |   COMPAREX Editoring Team
10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Edge (Plus: Free Cheat Sheet)

Microsoft Edge includes a number of new, handy features, among them Web Note to write, type and draw directly on webpages. The small e symbol as a desktop icon and keyboard combination has remained unchanged. We have compiled 10 keyboard combinations that make surfing the net that little bit easier. Read the full article ...


  11/25/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
The five best Excel functions for beginners

We have taken a look at the most common Excel functions to give novices a better grasp of the world’s most commonly used spreadsheet calculation program and present to you: The five best Excel functions for beginners. Read the full article ...


  11/11/2016 |   COMPAREX Editorial Team
Individualize Windows 10: The best free apps for your custom look

Switch to Windows 10? Windows users have faced this question for the last 15 months. It’s not an easy one to answer, as among the new aspects contained in the new operating system is a revamped look. It is well-known that getting used to a new design can take time and slow down the workflow. Read the full article ...


  11/02/2016 |   Christoph Vollmann
Why there is currently no file hosting service alternative to OneDrive for Business

Which file hosting service ticks all the right boxes? OneDrive for Business might not (yet) be quite such a household name as Dropbox or Google Drive, but it is the only product that is truly mature enough for (secure) deployment in business environments. Read the full article ...


  10/21/2016 |   Sarah Cahill
New Azure Pricing Changes

As of October 1st, many changes have gone into effect regarding Microsoft Azure. There are several ways to purchase Azure, and Microsoft has taken steps to create price parity between the different licensing programs. Read the full article ...


  10/19/2016 |   Anja Dörner
Where do current IT threats lurk? Five steps to protect against cyberattacks

Viruses, worms and simple malicious code were the most frequent threats to the IT landscape before the turn of the new millennium. A signature-based protective mechanism in the form of an anti-virus program was sufficient to provide adequate protection against standard cyberattacks. Read the full article ...


  10/13/2016 |   Anton Neidel
What is Microsoft Office 365, and why should I use it?

Many Office users have difficulty working out what Microsoft Office 365 actually is. Frequently it is equated with the ‘classic’ Office product. The users therefore assume that they simply receive Word, Excel and PowerPoint, etc. ‘from the cloud’. Read the full article ...


  10/06/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
10 Shortcuts for Microsoft Word (Plus: Free Cheat Sheet)

Microsoft Word is the perfect way of getting thoughts down on (digital) paper, no matter whether they are project drafts or to-do lists. Microsoft provides a large number of keyboard combinations that make using the word processing program that bit easier. Read the full article ...


  09/30/2016 |   Thino Ullmann
ECS becomes SPE: What’s new in the Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise Suite?

The new Enterprise Suite will be available soon. COMPAREX Senior Technical Presales Executive Thino Ullmann has summarized the new features of the SPE, as well as the most important differences between the various versions of the Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite and Windows 10 Enterprise E3/ E5. Read the full article ...


  09/27/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
10 Shortcuts for OneNote (Plus: Free Cheat Sheet)

Create mind maps, make lists or paint little pictures. The right keyboard combinations can even make management of the digital notebook a fair bit easier. We have picked out the most important ones for you. Read the full article ...


  09/21/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
10 Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop (Plus: Free Cheat Sheet)

We’ve put together ten shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop (Windows and Mac OS users) that make image processing a touch easier. The nifty cheat sheet to print out and stick to your monitor contains our favorites from Adobe’s detailed overview. Read the full article ...


  08/30/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
10 Shortcuts for MS Excel (Plus: Free Cheat Sheet)

Worksheet calculations by Excel enable plenty of arithmetical operations with formulas, no matter whether you need to produce a cost summary or statistics. There is a detailed overview of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel. We have picked out the moste important ones. Read the full article ...


  08/25/2016 |   Motzkus, Henrik
Microsoft StorSimple – Automatic Disaster Recovery

So far our author Henrik Motzkus has concentrated his detailed look into Microsoft StorSimple here on our blog on the fundamental features. Today he will expand on a few individual aspects. One of the most important of them is disaster recovery. Read the full article ...


  08/08/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
10 Shortcuts when Creating PowerPoint Presentations (Plus: Free Cheat Sheet!)

Microsoft offers a detailed list of shortcuts that will save you time and nerves when creating PPT presentations. We’ve picked our ten favorites, which we believe will provide the greatest benefits the next time you set about creating a PPT presentation.. Read the full article ...


  08/02/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
Happy 1st Cake Day, Windows 10!

Windows 10 is celebrating its first anniversary and has every reason to be jubilant. But instead of cake it comes with various improvements and new features – the kind of gift to get our juices flowing. Read our summary of the new features for corporate and EDU customers. Read the full article ...


  07/19/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
Windows 10: Here are the Most Important (NEW) Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 brings plenty of new features, an improved Start menu, Cortana and Microsoft Edge. Familiar and new keyboard functions make operation even simpler and more efficient. Find a cheat sheet with the most important shortcuts. Read the full article ...


  07/13/2016 |   Lourens Klootwijk
The Pros and Cons of Adobe’s Subscription Model

The products in Adobe's Creative Suite are currently available as part of a subscription. But there will be a seismic shift; from a purchase to a subscription model as well. Lourens Klootwijk, COMPAREX SA Digital Content, gives his take on the pros and cons of Adobe’s subscription model. Read the full article ...


  07/06/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
Top 10 best keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Outlook plus free cheat sheet

Microsoft Outlook helps us plan and organize our (working) days. Microsoft has put together a detailed list of keyboard shortcuts to make using the personal information manager as efficient as possible. We’ve picked our top ten most valuable shortcuts. Read the full article ...


  06/30/2016 |   Berg, Eric
Operating virtual systems in the cloud?!

Virtual machines on the cloud platform Microsoft Azure. MVP Eric Berg takes a closer look at what it’s all about and stumbles across a couple of terms and concepts. Read the full article ...


  06/24/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
10 shortcuts when delivering presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint

We recently presented ten keyboard shortcuts that make creating presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint easier. Again, we chose our ten favorite shortcuts to run through presentations smoothly. Read the full article ...


  06/16/2016 |   Toele, Remco
Big Data Analytics Creates a Competitive Edge in an Evolving Market

Gartner describes how crucial it is for many companies to exploit internal data profitably over the course of a financial year. So in 2015 already, business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics ranked highly in the new trends. Read the full article ...


  06/06/2016 |   Jeroen Engelander
Skype for Business: (b)ringing the personal Skype experience to the workplace

Today, telephony is more than just making and receiving calls. It is an experience which is an integral part of our work and our private lives. It’s an essential communication channel within organizations and as such should be part of any efficient and intuitive workplace. Read the full article ...


  05/30/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
10 tricks to get the most out of your Adobe Photoshop performance

Photoshop recently celebrated its 26th birthday. Having now clocked up over a quarter-century, the seasoned veterans on the developer team at Adobe ensure that the image processing software works without a hitch. There are four ways to improve the Photoshop performance. Read the full article ...


  05/20/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
How Can Additional License Fees be Avoided for Windows Server 2016?

Announced some time ago, they are now scheduled for rollout: Microsoft is all set to launch the new versions of Windows Server in the second half of 2016. Besides necessary product modifications and new cloud-inspired features, there will be a number of changes to the license rights. Read the full article ...


  05/10/2016 |   Motzkus, Henrik
The Microsoft StorSimple Virtual Array

COMPAREX Expert Henrik Motzkus spoke with COMPAREX Newsroom not long ago to explain what makes Microsoft StorSimple such a great option to get started in the hybrid storage cloud. Read the full article ...


  05/03/2016 |   Vogel, Marco
Yes, vSAN! Server virtualization with VMware software defined storage

Server virtualization is dead. Long live server virtualization! The analysts agree: 75% of the x86 servers are virtualized, and the room to manoeuver is getting tight. Reason enough for VMware to look for other things – different ways and means to accommodate even more of their customers’ needs. Read the full article ...


  04/25/2016 |   Hendriks, Christiaan
Dos & Don’ts for Microsoft Licensing within a Hosted Service

Many organizations are currently investigating the possibilities to purchase a hosted service. They want to realize savings on hardware and management as well as great scalability and flexibility potentials. Such a move raises some questions. Read the full article ...


  04/22/2016 |   Rupp, Thomas
VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform in a Cloud Data Center

So let’s talk network virtualization. Most of the cloud installations that I have accompanied in recent years in my position as architect and project manager really started to pick up as they moved toward the finishing line: The classic network components! Read the full article ...


  04/13/2016 |   Yahyai, Elnaz
Business Intelligence for everyone: Getting started has never been this easy!

The range of products and services on the BI market is broad and makes the technology accessible to everyone. Whether an enterprise-wide information management system is needed, or if users are to be given the option to analyze their own data; getting started in BI has never been this easy. Read the full article ...


  04/06/2016 |   Motzkus, Henrik
Microsoft Azure StorSimple: Easy Entry to the Hybrid Cloud

As we heard just recently from our COMPAREX MVP Eric Berg, storage is among the scenarios that are particularly suited to hybrid solutions. Today his colleague, COMPAREX IT Architect Henrik Motzkus, is recommending the great entry-level solution for cloud novices: Azure StorSimple. Read the full article ...


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  12/18/2016 |   Spreadshirt
Spreadshirt: Fine-tuning a global company

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is helping the T-shirt giant Spreadshirt cater perfectly to the wishes of its customers around the world. Read what Sven Heitkamp and Christian Kortümn, working at Spreadshirt, are reporting. Read the full article ...


  12/18/2015 |   Berg, Eric
COMPAREX IT Consultant Eric Berg awarded the title of Microsoft MVP

Eric Berg has been awarded by Microsoft the title of “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) in order to his outstanding work in the Microsoft Community. Read the full article ...


  11/13/2015 |   van de Rotten, Madeleine
Questions and answers concerning Office 365 ProPlus

Madeleine van de Rotten, Cloud Consultant at COMPAREX Netherlands, answers common questions concerning Office 365 ProPlus. Read the full article ...


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