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COMPAREX is a global IT provider specializing in license management, sourcing, technical product consulting and cloud-based professional services. With a track record spanning thirty years, COMPAREX serves the public-sector, SMB and large international corporations. Its portfolio includes software licenses from more than 3,000 vendors as well as consultancy and professional services.
The COMPAREX Group employs more than 2,350 people across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. In fiscal year 2014/15 the COMPAREX Group generated revenue of €1.770 billion / $2,236 billion.

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  05/20/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
How Can Additional License Fees be Avoided for Windows Server 2016?

Announced some time ago, they are now scheduled for rollout: Microsoft is all set to launch the new versions of Windows Server in the second half of 2016. Besides necessary product modifications and new cloud-inspired features, there will be a number of changes to the license rights. Read the full article ...


  05/10/2016 |   Motzkus, Henrik
The Microsoft StorSimple Virtual Array

COMPAREX Expert Henrik Motzkus spoke with COMPAREX Newsroom not long ago to explain what makes Microsoft StorSimple such a great option to get started in the hybrid storage cloud. Read the full article ...


  05/03/2016 |   Vogel, Marco
Yes, vSAN! Server virtualization with VMware software defined storage

Server virtualization is dead. Long live server virtualization! The analysts agree: 75% of the x86 servers are virtualized, and the room to manoeuver is getting tight. Reason enough for VMware to look for other things – different ways and means to accommodate even more of their customers’ needs. Read the full article ...


  04/25/2016 |   Hendriks, Christiaan
Dos & Don’ts for Microsoft Licensing within a Hosted Service

Many organizations are currently investigating the possibilities to purchase a hosted service. They want to realize savings on hardware and management as well as great scalability and flexibility potentials. Such a move raises some questions. Read the full article ...


  04/22/2016 |   Rupp, Thomas
VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform in a Cloud Data Center

So let’s talk network virtualization. Most of the cloud installations that I have accompanied in recent years in my position as architect and project manager really started to pick up as they moved toward the finishing line: The classic network components! Read the full article ...


  04/13/2016 |   Yahyai, Elnaz
Business Intelligence for everyone: Getting started has never been this easy!

The range of products and services on the BI market is broad and makes the technology accessible to everyone. Whether an enterprise-wide information management system is needed, or if users are to be given the option to analyze their own data; getting started in BI has never been this easy. Read the full article ...


  04/06/2016 |   Motzkus, Henrik
Microsoft Azure StorSimple: Easy Entry to the Hybrid Cloud

As we heard just recently from our COMPAREX MVP Eric Berg, storage is among the scenarios that are particularly suited to hybrid solutions. Today his colleague, COMPAREX IT Architect Henrik Motzkus, is recommending the great entry-level solution for cloud novices: Azure StorSimple. Read the full article ...


  03/30/2016 |   Berg, Eric
Hybrid Solutions Instead of the Full Cloud

Cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure permit the use of data center infrastructures as services. What’s more, they also create and execute user-defined applications as services. But it doesn’t always have to be ‘the full cloud’. It’s all about hybrid infrastructure here. Read the full article ...


  03/23/2016 |   McGrath, John
Bring Your Own Device “not under my roof”?

We currently find ourselves at the onset of a new revolution in IT. The last revolution began at the end of the nineties and was the introduction of the sophisticated utilization of client/server infrastructure and the advent of Active Directory, the predominant Directory service since then. Read the full article ...


  03/11/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
The top 10 best free SharePoint Apps from the Microsoft Store according to COMPAREX

They are convenient, on-point and easy to handle: apps help you through the day. On your iPhone or Android smartphone or in SharePoint. There is a broad range of apps in the popular collaboration tool, which help you add new functions or applications to an existing SharePoint page. Read the full article ...


  03/08/2016 |   McGrath, John
"Setting up Shop" with the Windows Store for Business

People should agree that the Microsoft Store, when compared to the Apple Store, was deemed to be a rather poor relation when considering application availability and the usability of the webstore interface. Read the full article ...


  03/01/2016 |   Berg, Eric
The Rudiments of Microsoft Azure: A Quick Guide by Eric Berg

5% of the Fortune 500 companies already use the Microsoft service Azure to access their cloud services via the Internet. What might this cloud solution look like? Eric Berg, COMPAREX Senior IT Consultant and MVP, presents the three areas of the Microsoft cloud service Azure: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS Read the full article ...


  02/24/2016 |   COMPAREX Blog Editoring Team
Microsoft Products and Services Agreement: One contract fits all

Microsoft has announced that it will raise its entry threshold for Enterprise Agreement Contracts to 500 desktops from 1 July 2016. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the Microsoft Products and Service Agreement (MPSA) as an alternative for companies with between 250 and 499 desktops. Read the full article ...


  02/22/2016 |   Voskamp, Esther
Want to reduce your annual costs for a PDF solution by using an alternative?

Our PDF-expert Esther discusses six factors which are relevant when selecting the most suitable PDF solution. Read the full article ...


  02/19/2016 |   Schaper, Torsten
Microsoft Office 365: Flying blind with a cloud product? Learn more about proper planning!

Trusty Office in an improved form? Microsoft promises cost reductions, mobility, flexibility, and outstanding availability of 99.9 percent. In this article our expert explains what needs to be taken into consideration when planning cloud and Microsoft Office 365 services. Let’s get started! Read the full article ...


  12/18/2016 |   Spreadshirt
Spreadshirt: Fine-tuning a global company

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is helping the T-shirt giant Spreadshirt cater perfectly to the wishes of its customers around the world. Read what Sven Heitkamp and Christian Kortümn, working at Spreadshirt, are reporting. Read the full article ...


  12/18/2015 |   Berg, Eric
COMPAREX IT Consultant Eric Berg awarded the title of Microsoft MVP

Eric Berg has been awarded by Microsoft the title of “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) in order to his outstanding work in the Microsoft Community. Read the full article ...


  11/13/2015 |   van de Rotten, Madeleine
Questions and answers concerning Office 365 ProPlus

Madeleine van de Rotten, Cloud Consultant at COMPAREX Netherlands, answers common questions concerning Office 365 ProPlus. Read the full article ...


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Accelerating Growth: COMPAREX Opens Singapore Office and Appoints Sebastien Sisombat as New Executive Vice President for Asia

Leipzig, 09.11.2015 – Global IT provider COMPAREX has opened a subsidiary in Singapore and has appointed Sebastien Sisombat as Executive Vice President for Asia. These steps represent a deeper attention to the Asian market in the international growth strategy of COMPAREX, following recent market entries in Canada and Turkey.

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Autodesk appoints COMPAREX as Gold Partner VAR

Leipzig, 05.11.2015 – International IT service provider COMPAREX has recently been appointed as Gold Partner VAR (value-added reseller) by world-leading design software specialist Autodesk. This status is effective for the European Economic Area and Switzerland. It guarantees customers of COMPAREX better conditions and a higher Autodesk expertise with regard to compliance, license consolidation and optimal license management.

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Next generation IT solutions: COMPAREX takes over Turkish IT-service expert Dataserv Information Technologies Inc.

Leipzig, 19.10.2015 – In the course of its geographical growth and portfolio strategy the international COMPAREX Group has acquired a majority share of Turkish Dataserv Information Technologies Inc. (Dataserv). The acquisition follows the foundation of a subsidiary in Istanbul earlier this year as part of COMPAREX’s expansion in the EMEA region. Established in 1997, Dataserv is a fixture at the Turkish IT solution market. As a pioneer in delivering software licensing and cloud services it is a perfect fit for COMPAREX’s Turkish SoftCare offering.

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Software Asset Management: COMPAREX takes over technology leader amando software

Leipzig, 05.10.2015 – The international IT services company COMPAREX has taken over 100% of Germany’s SAM technology leader amando software GmbH as part of the ongoing development in its SoftCare offer within software license management. Drawing on 20 years of experience, amando software is numbered among Europe’s most successful providers of software solutions and services for software asset management. By taking over the company, COMPAREX is seeking to continue development of its SAM solution SAM2GO, while significantly expanding its team of SAM consultants and developers.

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Global Microsoft Partner COMPAREX invited to open subsidiary in Canada

Leipzig, 26.08.2015 – As part of its strategic international growth plan, COMPAREX has now entered the Canadian market. After the recent expansion in the United States this is the next step to service COMPAREX’s customers all over North America. With this, the COMPAREX Group is now operating subsidiaries in 33 countries.

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