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As a global IT company with thirty years of experience, COMPAREX is one of the world’s leading IT service providers and no. 1 software license management company in the EMEA markets. COMPAREX develops innovative services that support management and leverage software products, leading to an overall improvement of workforce productivity. COMPAREX serves corporate customers spanning from small businesses to large international corporations as well as public institutions – supporting every customer during their digital journey towards productivity optimization.

The portfolio has a solid foundation in license management, software procurement and cloud services. Substantial professional and managed services complete the portfolio to support customers with services tailored to their business demands.

With the statement “By Your Side in a Digital World”, COMPAREX underlines its goal to inspire customers with possibilities and opportunities for their digital transformation, by addressing key customer priorities.

The COMPAREX Group employs more than 2,450 people at over 80 locations in 35 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas. In the fiscal year 2016/17 the COMPAREX Group generated a revenue of € 2.114 billion / $ 2.321 billion.

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  03/20/2018 |   Dirk Friessnegg
How File Encryption Helps Fulfill GDPR Requirements

GDPR is up for implementation in around 3 months. Is your company prepared? We the benefits and solutions vis-à-vis file encryption. Read the full article ...


  03/19/2018 |   Thino Ullmann
Knockout in the First Round: Microsoft Teams Beats WhatsApp

Using a private messenger to discuss professional details with colleagues is a tricky topic if one considers the data protection and security aspects! We’ll show you how Microsoft Teams easily knocks the socks off of WhatsApp in the heavyweight division of company requirements. Read the full article ...


  03/15/2018 |   Ulrike van Koll
Is Outsourcing IT the Solution to Your Problems?

Does outsourcing really solve all of your company’s SAM problems? No says our expert. Read why developing your corporate strategy in the cloud is the better option. Read the full article ...


  03/14/2018 |   Walter Hofmann
How to Use the Benefits of Software as a Service in a Citrix Cloud

There are various Citrix cloud options. But which option ticks your boxes? Our expert chose some easily understandable examples to illustrate how you can reap the rewards of Software as a Service. Read the full article ...


  03/13/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
How to Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft Cloud

Are you aware of all the opportunities a Microsoft Office 365 cloud can offer? We summarized some tips that will help you to get the most out of your cloud. Increase employee productivity, improve security and generate a larger ROI. Read the full article ...


  03/07/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Inviting Employees, Customers and Partners to a Skype Meeting When on the Road

Modern collaboration is dynamic and overcomes spatial boundaries – and yes, it is possible when you’re on the road. Office 365 Enterprise E5 and Skype for Business provide simple and efficient support. You can even include important persons in project meetings, wherever they happen to be. Read the full article ...


  03/02/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Securing Sensitive Information: 3 Methods to Encrypt Your Data

There is always some information that you do not want to leave your company. But how can you share sensitive information quickly, easily, and securely? We explain 3 methods to encrypt your data and therefore prevent data loss Read the full article ...


  02/28/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tech News: IT Insights in February

The IT world is such a rapidly developing field that it may sometimes be hard to stay up-to-date. With our monthly IT insights you won’t lose the overview. Read about the latest vendor news and trending topics. Read the full article ...


  02/20/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
How Does Digital Transformation Impact Finance Departments?

Digital transformation has a great impact on financial departments. But it can also be a driver to digitization. Jens Schmidt, Executive Director of Finance for COMPAREX, gave answers on the evolution of the finance function in an era of digital transformation. Read the full article ...


  02/19/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
The Key to Collaboration: Mastering the Modern Workplace

To take advantage of changing market conditions, businesses must strive to be as agile as possible. This means taking advantage of flexible and remote working, enabling employees to remain productive from wherever they are. Read the full article ...


  02/16/2018 |   Tobias Hübner
Deploying Adobe IDs: Which ID Option Ticks all the Boxes?

Are you still using named IDs to deploy Adobe software in your company? There might be a better way of doing things. Our expert explains how you can benefit from switching to an Enterprise ID or Federated ID. Read the full article ...


  02/13/2018 |   Thino Ullmann
Microsoft Office 2019 News: Available for Windows 10 Only

Microsoft announced in early February that Office 2019 will only run on Windows 10 in future. But that’s not all: Microsoft also revealed changes for Windows 10 and Office 365 as well. We’ve summarized the most important facts for you. Read the full article ...


  02/08/2018 |   Mustafa Kara
Why Update Management is the Key to a Secure Software Environment

CryptoLocker and WannaCry are perfect examples of ransomware attacks that had serious consequences for companies that did not manage their update and patch management system properly. Microsoft’s new function Update Management for VMs on Azure helps you keep track of all relevant updates Read the full article ...


  02/08/2018 |   Thino Ullmann
Solving Data Residency Issues with the Office 365 Multi-Geo Tenant

Microsoft announced the multi-geo capabilities for Office 365 at the Ignite conference back in September. The new function will help multinational companies to tackle data residency challenges. Our expert Thino Ullmann explains what you can expect from the multi-geo tenant. Read the full article ...


  02/06/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
A Strong Heartbeat: Office 365 F1 for Firstline Workers

The women and men operating at the front line of a company represent the brand, solve customer problems and keep an attentive eye on the products and services. These employees are absolutely crucial – and with Office 365 F1 they can become part of the digitization process. We’ll show you how! Read the full article ...


  02/02/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tech News: IT Insights in January

The IT world is such a rapidly developing field that it may sometimes be hard to stay up-to-date. With our monthly IT insights you won’t lose the overview. Read about the latest vendor news and trending topics. Read the full article ...


  01/31/2018 |   Oliver Bellini
2018 Citrix Summit Recap: The Most Important News

The Citrix Summit took place in Anaheim, California, at the beginning of January. What are the most important strategic alignments, new features and products for the upcoming year? Our expert Oliver Bellini attended the conference and provides a first-hand account Read the full article ...


  01/30/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
How Companies Can Share Large Volumes of Data

Data security and the correct management of sensitive project information are delicate issues. We show you how your project teams can collaborate securely and meaningfully with Office 365 and OneDrive for Business. Read the full article ...


  01/26/2018 |   Christian Meyer
Understanding Your Customers with Adobe Analytics

How well do you know your customers? Being aware of their search requests and how they make decisions can help you to target your customers even more precisely. Read in today’s article how Adobe Analytics can help you to understand your customers. Read the full article ...


  01/25/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
How Office 365 Enterprise E5 Can Simplify Your Communication

Voice and video conferences in high broadcast quality remain challenging scenarios for many companies, even today. But internal and external dialog could be easily upgraded with Office 365 Enterprise E5. Our blog post tells you why this is sensible and also cost-efficient. Read the full article ...


  01/24/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
IoT and Software Licensing: What You Need to Consider

IoT is no longer a futuristic concept. Internet-connected objects have become a day-to-day reality. But do these devices need a software license? We shed some light on the consequences for software licensing. Read the full article ...


  01/19/2018 |   Thino Ullmann
How to Integrate Firstline Workers in Your Company’s Digitization

Digitization can only be successful if all employees – from the CEO to production workers – are integrated in the process. What about your Firstline Workers? Are they part of the digitization? Thino Ullmann explains how to integrate them successfully with Office 365 F1. Read the full article ...


  01/18/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Looking Back: Microsoft in 2017

Microsoft has had a very busy year in 2017. Let’s take a look back together. In today’s article we are summing up all the important changes and additions to the Microsoft cosmos. Read why Microsoft had a very strong year and why 2018 is going to be exciting as well. Read the full article ...


  01/12/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
IT Trends 2018: Cloud Optimization

We are right at the beginning of 2018, so it’s time to have a look into the future and identify major trends for the upcoming year. Read today why our experts believe that cloud optimization will be one of the biggest trends of 2018. Read the full article ...


  01/08/2018 |   Achim Herber
What are the Most Important IT Topics in 2018?

What will be the most important IT topics in 2018? Achim Herber, Executive Vice President Central Europe, COMPAREX, looks into the future and identifies 3 major topics that will dominate discussions in the coming year. Read the full article ...


  01/03/2018 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tech News: IT Insights in December

What has been going on in the IT world in December? We compiled the latest vendor news and trending topics of the past month. It just takes you a few minutes to stay up-to-date in the world of IT. Read the full article ...


  12/20/2017 |   Eric Berg
Microsoft Azure: 10 Tips to Get Started With the Cloud

Are you planning to move your data into the cloud? Microsoft Azure may ease your start and help reduce costs. Make sure you check out our 10 tips to get the most out of Azure. Read the full article ...


  12/19/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
3D Holiday Greetings – The COMPAREX Hologram

Sure, we could wish you a Happy Holidays like everyone else. But let’s make things more exciting! We’ve created 3D Season's greetings for you. Just follow our 5-step instructions to build your own hologram projector. Read the full article ...


  12/18/2017 |   Daniel Perrier
Going Digital via Strategy, Technology and Culture

What do you need for a successful digital transformation? Strategy, technology and culture say our experts Daniel Perrier and Michel van Teijlingen. Read in today’s article why they are the main pillars for digital transformation Read the full article ...


  12/15/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Green IT: Sustainable Information Technologies

Did you know that your IT department can contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change? In today’s article we explain the concept of green IT and list the information technologies that will help your business to work more sustainably. Read the full article ...


  12/13/2017 |   Thino Ullmann
What You Need to Know About the Integration of LinkedIn in Office 365

Integration of LinkedIn in Office 365 has officially started. But what does this actually mean for you? We sum up the most important facts about the rollout. Read the full article ...


  12/08/2017 |   Maarten van Montfoort
3 Key Barriers to Digital Transformation

Many businesses have understood the importance of Digital Transformation and have placed digital transformation at the heart of their corporate strategies. Still, a lot of digital transformation projects fail. What are the reasons for the failure? Read the full article ...


  12/01/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tech News: IT Insights in November

What has been going on in the IT world in November? We compiled the latest vendor news and trending topics of the past month. It just takes you a few minutes to stay up-to-date in the world of IT. Read the full article ...


  11/29/2017 |   Lars Herrmann
3 Technologies Shaping The Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is one of those buzzwords businesses should definitely pay attention to. Our expert sheds some light on one of the IT world’s highest- trending topics and explains which technologies will have the greatest impact on the digital transformation. Read the full article ...


  11/23/2017 |   Christoph Vollmann
Your Guide to SharePoint Updates

Public Updates, Cumulative Updates, Service Packs and more. To be fair, it is not so easy to keep track of all SharePoint Updates. COMPAREX expert Christoph Vollmann offers tips and tricks that will help you negotiate the update jungle. Read the full article ...


  11/21/2017 |   Thino Ullmann
Why Software Portfolio Management is the Key to a Successful Office 365 Implementation

Are you currently implementing Office365? Our expert Thino Ullmann knows how to improve the process. Read why Software Portfolio Management is the key to a successful Office 365 implementation. Read the full article ...


  11/16/2017 |   Christoph Vollmann
5 Ways To Optimize Your SharePoint Search

Are you really getting the most out of the SharePoint search? Two of our experts explain how the search functions work and provide 5 tips for the best ways to improve your search results. Read the full article ...


  11/14/2017 |   Jeroen Engelander
Master 5 Major Office 365 Migration Challenges

There may be some obstacles that need to be overcome during migration, for instance to Office 365. Our Cloud expert has put together the five most common challenges and explains how Unified Cloud Management can help to overcome them. Read the full article ...


  11/09/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Software Portfolio Management - Benefits, Challenges and Solutions

Gartner forecasts that by 2020, 24% of enterprise IT spend will be cloud-based in order to increase scalability but reduce costs. Cloud computing however can create challenges for software portfolio management. Read the full article ...


  11/02/2017 |   Winfried Metzger
For Licensing Purchasers: How To Reduce Your Software Zoo And Reduce Your Purchasing Costs Up To 30%

Did you know that a good strategy for Software Asset Management (SAM) can reduce your software costs drastically? We’ve got three tips on how you can make money with SAM. Read the full article ...


  10/27/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tech News: IT Insights in October

What has been going on in the IT world in October? We compiled the latest vendor news and trending topics of the past month. It just takes you a few minutes to stay up-to-date in the world of IT. Read the full article ...


  10/25/2017 |   Maximilian Hoppe
Current IT Risks and Their Consequences for SAM

Zero day attacks, distributed denial-of-service or SQL injection. Are you up-to-date when it comes to current IT risks? Our expert summarizes the most important #security concerns and explains their consequences for SAM. Read the full article ...


  10/23/2017 |   Eric Berg
How to Conduct Tests in a Productive Environment

Testing in a productive environment? Is that even possible? Yes, says our expert and MVP Eric Berg. Read about his solution in today’s article Read the full article ...


  10/20/2017 |   Tommy Scalici
In Case You Missed It - Microsoft Ignite 2017 Edition

You couldn’t make it to Microsoft Ignite this year? No problem, it only takes you a few minutes to stay up to date. COMPAREX expert Tommy Scalici was there and summed up the main topics for you. Read the full article ...


  10/18/2017 |   Christoph Dehn
SharePoint on Azure: The Right Choice For Your Business?

Is SharePoint on Microsoft Azure the right choice for your business? Our expert Christoph Dehn helps you to decide. He gives an insight on the benefits of running your SharePoint on Azure. Read the full article ...


  10/12/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
From Unified to Intelligent Communications – Microsoft’s New Vision For Microsoft Teams

At Microsoft Ignite, September 25 2017, Microsoft made a strategic announcement on “Intelligent Communications“. Microsoft essentially created a new productivity segment that combines communication and collaboration into a single unifying platform or app – Microsoft Teams. Read the full article ...


  10/10/2017 |   Eric Berg
Project Honolulu: What to Expect of Microsoft's New Server Management Tool

Only a few weeks ago Microsoft presented Project Honolulu at Ignite. Eric Berg, MVP and COMPAREX expert, was involved in testing and developing Microsoft’s new Server Management Tool. He explains why admins will love. Read the full article ...


  10/05/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
How VMware Can Help Secure Your Data Center Against WannaCry, Petya & Co

Did you ever ask yourself why so many businesses are an easy target for hackers and cyber criminals? Our expert Thomas Rupp knows the answer and sheds some light on security in the field of virtualization as well as the solutions VMware offers in this context. Read the full article ...


  10/02/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tech News: IT Insights in September

What has been going on in the IT world in September? We compiled the latest vendor news and trending topics of the past month. It just takes you a few minutes to stay up-to-date in the world of IT. Read the full article ...


  09/28/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
EA Renewal: What You Need To Consider Now

Are you facing a renewal of your Enterprise Agreement (EA)? As the EA has changed a lot during the last 3 years there are new considerations to be made, when your EA is up for renewal. We compiled 3 important considerations to keep in mind that are going to make the process much smoother. Read the full article ...


  09/26/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Future Office: How Technology Will Change the Way We Work

Have you ever wondered what your workplace will look like in 20 years? We took a glimpse into the future to explain which technologies will have the greatest impact on our working environments. Read the full article ...


  09/22/2017 |   Robin Hobo
4 Major Trends in Enterprise Mobility

Which trends are going to influence workplace mobility? Our expert Robin Hobo took a closer look at Enterprise Mobility and summed up 4 major trends. Read the full article ...


  09/20/2017 |   Mathias Schneider
Fighting Ransomware With Acronis Backup 12.5

Hardly a week goes by without new versions of ransomware hitting the headlines. The new Acronis Backup 12.5 includes technology that defines a new benchmark in the fight against ransomware. Read how the new function Active Protection works and how it can improve IT-Security. Read the full article ...


  09/15/2017 |   Christoph Vollmann
SharePoint Online and On-Premises: a Comparison

What’s better: the cloud or on-premises? Which SharePoint version is more suitable? Our expert Christoph Vollmann has compared the models and summarized the most important differences. Read the full article ...


  09/11/2017 |   Clara Schwarz
Three Clever Ways to Reduce Your Software Costs

Did you know that a good strategy for Software Asset Management (SAM) can reduce your software costs drastically? We’ve got three tips on how you can make money with SAM. Read the full article ...


  09/07/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
How to Fight Ransomware With the GDPR

The GDPR imposes large fines, but forces companies to take IT-Security policies more seriously. In today’s article we explain why the GDPR can take on both a cautionary and a protective role. Read the full article ...


  09/05/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Software Audits: Dos and Don‘ts

Your next software audit is just around the corner? Don’t panic. Our dos and don’ts will guide you through the vendor audit. Read the full article ...


  09/01/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tech News: IT Insights in August

What has been going on in the IT world in August? We compiled the latest vendor news and trending topics of the past month. It just takes you a few minutes to stay up-to-date in the world of IT. Read the full article ...


  08/30/2017 |   Andreas Gräfe
The Benefits of Cloud Computing for Software Development

Software development in the cloud offers many advantages. COMPAREX expert Andreas Gräfe explains why he prefers the cloud to any other environment. Read the full article ...


  08/24/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Unified Communications: Revolutionizing Productivity with Skype for Business

A good Unified Communications strategy can help to increase your productivity. Read why Unified Communications offers many advantages for your business and why Skype for Business might be the right solution. Read the full article ...


  08/22/2017 |   Ron Vermeulen
How to Improve Your Company's Cyber Resilience

While we are still reeling from the aftermath of the "WannaCry“ ransomware exploit and the global impact of the cyberthreat, it might just the right time to start considering the next set of threats that we need to be concerned about. Read the full article ...


  08/16/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
How BYOD Affects Your Productivity

Do your employees already use their own devices? A good BYOD strategy can boost your productivity. Here is what you need to consider. Read the full article ...


  08/10/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Top 10 IT Acronyms That All IT Managers Should Know

API, PHP and VPN don’t ring a bell? Then you should definitely have a look at our list of common IT acronyms every IT manager should know. Read the full article ...


  08/08/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
The Future of Computing: Quantum & Qubits

Quantum computing is one of the IT world’s most trending topics. Find out how qubits are supposed to change our lives and how IT security is concerned by the technology. Read the full article ...


  08/02/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tech News: IT Insights in July

What has been going on in the IT world in July? We compiled the latest vendor news and trending topics of the past month. It just takes you a few minutes to stay up-to-date in the world of IT. Read the full article ...


  07/31/2017 |   Anja Dörner
IT Security: How to Secure Your Business Against Cyber-Attacks

Obviously there is no such thing as rock-solid protection against cyber-attacks. But you can improve your IT security by sticking to our 6 tips and tricks. Read the full article ...


  07/26/2017 |   Thino Ullmann
Should I Use Windows 10 Enterprise With or Without Software Assurance?

Is Software Assurance (SA) for Windows 10 Enterprise really worth it? Thino Ullmann summarizes the main aspects of SA and sheds some light on the pros and cons. Read the full article ...


  07/24/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Is Your Business one of the 50% Unprepared for GDPR?

You better prepare, or it'll cost you! GDPR will be in-force sooner than you think. In this blog, we explore the key considerations the modern CIO needs to be aware of. Read the full article ...


  07/21/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Creating a Strong Password in 5 Steps

If you use 12345 as a password you should definitely read our latest blog article. As hacker methods are becoming ever more sophisticated, creating a secure password is crucial. Here are our 5 tips for a secure password. Read the full article ...


  07/19/2017 |   Oana Moldovan
Managing Your Modern Workplace with Microsoft Office 365

Has the modern workplace already entered your office? Oana Moldovan explains how Yammer, Office 365 and Teams can help create the modern workplace and how to use these tools efficiently. Read the full article ...


  07/14/2017 |   Mukul Chopra
Digital Privacy Laws: How Europe Protects Your Online Data Differently than the U.S.

Europe and the U.S. are facing far-reaching changes regarding digital privacy laws. Are you up-to date? We compared how Europe protects your online data differently than the U.S and how multinational companies are affected by that. Read the full article ...


  07/12/2017 |   Frank Sander
How to Solve SQL Server Problems

Users may encounter problems when working with SQL Server, but they can be avoided with the right know-how. This blog article investigates serious problems of the type “My application has stopped working.” Read the full article ...


  07/10/2017 |   Anton Neidel
Why Windows 10 Can Help to Beat Cyber Attacks

WannaCry may be over. But are you prepared for the next cyber risk? Anton Neidel explains why Windows 10 can help to protect your IT. Read the full article ...


  07/10/2017 |   Thino Ullmann
What’s New in Windows 10 S?

Windows 10 S is the latest operating system released by Microsoft. What’s new in Windows 10 S and what are the differences to other Windows versions? Thino Ullmann took a closer look. Read the full article ...


  07/03/2017 |   COMPAREX Blog Editorial Team
Tech News: IT Insights in June

What has been going on in the IT world in June? We compiled the latest vendor news and trending topics of the past month. It just takes you a few minutes to stay up-to-date in the world of IT. Read the full article ...


  06/30/2017 |   Thino Ullmann
The 5 Keys to Success with Intercultural Teams

Communication inside of companies is becoming increasingly challenging in an age of heightened globalization and internationalization. Colleagues in international positions communicate simultaneously across national borders and time zones Read the full article ...


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Reorganization of the Management Board of COMPAREX AG, Dr. Thomas Reich will take over the position of the Chairman of the Board

Leipzig / Vienna, 16.11.2017 – This week the Supervisory Board of COMPAREX AG unanimously decided to reorganize the Management Board. Dr. Thomas Reich will take over the position of the Chairman of the Board (CEO). Marc Betgem will continue in his office as Chief Sales Officer (CSO). The former Supervisory Board Chairman Wilhelm Doupnik will transfer into the Management Board as Chief Operations Officer (COO). In addition, Thomas Bargetzi will support the Management Board as Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) starting in January 2018. The former CEO Wilfried Pruschak leaves the company in mutual agreement with the Supervisory Board. The former deputy Michael Kafesie will take over the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board

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COMPAREX receives Bosch Global Supplier Award

Leipzig, 17.07.2017 – Under this year’s award-motto “Partners in success”, COMPAREX was honored by Robert Bosch GmbH for its outstanding performance and exemplary teamwork.

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COMPAREX Wins one Global and two Regional 2016 VMware Partner Innovation Awards

Leipzig, 09.06.2017 – COMPAREX announced that it has won a VMware 2016 Global Partner Innovation Award in the Marketing Category, and two VMware Partner Innovation Awards for EMEA in the Marketing and Renewals categories. COMPAREX was recognized at the VMware Partner Leadership Summit 2017, held in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California.

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COMPAREX Appointed Indirect Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Distributor in the EU and EFTA

Leipzig, 17.10.2016 – Microsoft has welcomed the global COMPAREX Group into the circle of selected indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). As of today, COMPAREX will act as one of few key CSP distributors for resellers in the EU and EFTA. The company has qualified for this leading role due to its geographical coverage, fully automated billing processes and a superb reputation in software services and license competence.

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COMPAREX Group: Maarten van Montfoort appointed Executive Vice President Northwest Europe

Leipzig, 26.09.2016 – With immediate effect, Maarten van Montfoort takes over the role of the Executive Vice President of Northwest Europe within the COMPAREX Group. As agreed by the COMPAREX management board he will be responsible for a newly established region encompassing The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland). As a founder and previous general manager of Agile Software and InfraControl, two companies COMPAREX acquired in 2013, he had managed the integration process of the two companies into the COMPAREX Group. The process was completed in April earlier this year.

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