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    A World of Opportunities
    License Management with COMPAREX
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Next Level
Software Licensing

  •  SoftCare

SoftCare, a unique toolset to reduce compliance risks, cut costs in the process of managing and purchasing software licenses and demonstrably increase the level of efficiency of your procurement processes.


  •  Risk Management & Compliance

Proven software asset management (SAM) as a managed service. Offering up-to-date information on your compliance status and software usage in your company at the push of a button.

A World
of Opportunities

  •  License Management

Does your company need software that is suitable to the needs of individual specialist departments as well as affiliated companies? Is it your responsibility to procure this software at a reasonable price? In other words, is it your job to save with a capital S? COMPAREX can make it happen!

The Easiest Way
to Your Software

  •  eProcurement

Would you like to quickly and easily purchase software for your business, but always find yourself up against different manufacturers’ long-winded and complicated ordering processes? If this is the case, it’s time to optimize your purchasing and transaction processes.