COMPAREX Employees

Motivated Employees Inspire You

Our corporate culture thrives due to mutual responsibility, full availability of information, transparency in our business processes, and open and purposeful communication. Our management culture is performance-driven and is characterised by team spirit, mutual respect, and understanding and trust in the individual potential of all employees.

We do not value bureaucratic role descriptions and job titles - we trust the vitality of comprehensible, challenging goals and clear, individual tasks. This principle allows each one of our employees to contribute actively and successfully to the rise in the corporate value and to experience further development in line with individual strengths and potential.

Committed, qualified and motivated employees are the basis of our corporate success. This is where we set high standards. We therefore encourage skills, knowledge and the development of competence among our employees as the most important resource. In doing this, we draw on various activities and incentive systems. We create the best conditions for our employees, whether through flexible working hours, various options for full health care, support for young families and the best framework for reintegrating of young mothers.

Intercultural Exchange

To enable individuals to develop further, we offer selected employees the opportunity to spend some time at one of our foreign subsidiaries. The primary aim here is to promote exposure to foreign languages and cultures in a practical setting as well as personal development. Also, one should not underestimate the stabilisation of the corporate culture and strengthening of international communication resulting from this exchange programme.

Education from the Start and Alongside Work

It is self-evident to us that we should offer our employees a broad programme of internal and external training courses. Employees are provided with further professional training in the COMPAREX Academy, thus meaning they are able to exploit fully the software used at the company and to advise clients confidently about IT products.

External Education

We use external training mainly in areas outside the core business, e.g. personal development courses, presentation techniques and sales. Employee performance interviews are held at the beginning of each fiscal year, defining individual qualification plans set out in order to advance each employee in the best possible manner.

Participation in Economic Success

Our corporate culture is linked to a targeting system for employees: clear, individual targets are jointly agreed upon and pursued over the long term. Employees are actively and continuously supported throughout the implementation of their target proposals.

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