Our Partners and Vendors - A longlasting Relationship!

Partners and Vendors

What is that makes up your IT systems?

Software of course, you might say. And there is investment capital, complexity, hopefully enough storage capacity and please, above all, no viruses! All of these answers are correct, but the really crucial point is this: if we examine the performance of your IT systems, they contain nothing less than the entire potential of your organisation.

We can help you to create a more flexible IT infrastructure. We guarantee you a highly targeted solution that is both cost-efficient and needs-based.

Robert Ebner, Vice President Software

Long-lasting Relationships with Leading Manufacturers

The COMPAREX Group is one of the leading manufacturer-independent IT service providers with international reach offering consulting and support of products of more than 2,000 software manufacturers.
First-class partnerships with leading manufacturers and expertise knowledge gives us the opportunity to offer you all solutions adequate and cost-efficiently bundled.

We're Certified for Your Benefit.

COMPAREX is a leading Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR) in Europe and has more than 4,750 certifications from approx. 70 suppliers, including Citrix, VMware, Adobe, Symantec and McAfee as well as Hitachi, IBM and EMC.
With 4,750 certificates of more than 70 software manufacturers, comprehensive knowledge, a big customer base, a strong sales team as well as accompanying services we can support you as a partner and a mediator at the sames time.

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