Licensing Programs

Transactional Licensing Program

Adobe's Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) 5 makes it easy to get volume pricing with no membership requirements and no agreements to sign. This program is available worldwide to commercial, education, and government organizations and covers most Adobe desktop products.

Cumulative Licensing Program

With Adobe's Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) 5, your organization can cut costs and simplify software administration on volume software licenses over a two-year membership period. Not only do your software orders provide cumulative, consistent savings worldwide, regardless of your location, but CLP 5 also helps your organization streamline software management with centralized tools to track and manage your Adobe software volume licenses.

Enterprise Agreement

Adobe Enterprise Agreement (EA) 2 makes it easy for you to standardize on Adobe® Acrobat® and Adobe Creative Suite® software across your entire organization. With EA 2, medium to large commercial and government organizations can enjoy significant savings on volume purchases for a three-year term. Not only can EA 2 help you more easily deploy and manage the latest Adobe software across your organization, but it also offers predictable pricing on software while reducing administrative management and IT workloads.


Benefit/feature TLP 5 CLP 5 EA 2
Size Small organizations (1–249 workstations) Medium to large enterprise businesses, creative agencies, or organizations Medium to large enterprise businesses, creative agencies, or organizations
Type Commercial, government, and education Commercial, government, and education Commercial and government
Program details      
Minimum initial purchase requirement None 25,000 points for commercial and government customers 5,000 points for education customers 100 licenses plus Maintenance and Support for Adobe Acrobat or Creative Suite software
Agreement term No agreement Two-year agreement Three-year agreement
Discount strategy Discounts calculated per transaction Discounts accrue cumulatively throughout two-year agreement Price protection for three years based on initial volume purchase
Eligible products All Adobe desktop products All Adobe desktop products Adobe Acrobat Family products
Adobe Creative Suite editions
Web-based license tool Included Included Included
Electronic software delivery (ESD) Included Included Included
Upgrade Plan/Maintenance coverage Upgrade Plan optional Upgrade Plan optional Maintenance and Support coverage required
Adobe Support Services Optional Optional Maintenance and Support coverage required
Online enrollment Not applicable Online enrollment Online enrollment
Region availability Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
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