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  • COMPAREX SoftCare - Next Level Software Licensing

    COMPAREX revolutionizes ...

    ... your IT Procurement !

     Licence Management as a Managed Service

     Int'l Best Price Sourcing for standard software

     Seamless B2B-Integration with your existing systems

    COMPAREX SoftCare

  • Increase potential savings, minimize audit risks - COMPAREX SAM2GO

    Consolidate and Standardize Your Software Portfolio


    Your Benefits of COMPAREX SAM2GO

     Improved license distribution & allocation

     Up to 44% savings on software maintenance

     Up to 22% savings on vendor consolidation


  • Intelligent worldwide sourcing - License Management with COMPAREX

    Save Money & Effort with Dynamic Global Sourcing


    Your Benefits of License Management with COMPAREX

     1 million products in the system

     Saves on avg. 42 € per order via B2B eProcurement

     Up to additional 25% savings on contract management

    COMPAREX Dynamic Global Sourcing

  • We are globally local - COMPAREX is located in more than 34 countries across the globe

    You need a strong
    global partner?

    COMPAREX is globally local
    in 35 countries across
    the globe.

    Worldwide Locations

COMPAREX: A Global Acting Company

  •  Subsidiaries and local contacts

At COMPAREX more than 2,450 employees in 35 countries are focused on the management of software usage rights and sourcing. We are global number one in license knowledge, proven by 4,750 certifications from 70 vendors.

Software Usage and Licensing in Balance

  •  Risk Management & Compliance

Software Asset Management as a Managed Service: Offering up-to-date information on your compliance status and software usage in your company at the push of a button with COMPAREX SAM2GO.

Dynamic Global Sourcing

  •  Daily International Best Pricing

License Management & Worldwide Sourcing: Are you responsible for procuring software at a reasonable price? In other words, is it your job to save with a capital S? COMPAREX can make it happen with COMPAREX Dynamic Global Sourcing!

eProcurement with COMPAREX: Would you like to easily purchase software for your business, but always find yourself up against different manufacturers’ complicated ordering processes? Optimize your purchasing processes with COMPAREXonline.