COMPAREX Vendor & Alliances

We make the world a safer place – together.

Currently, COMPAREX is one of the top vendor’s partner which proves the strong partner-ship for over 10 years.

Taking part in Symantec’s partner program, we may guarantee special and excellent discounts as well as a wide range of highly certified specialists to our customers.

 Platinum Partner | Gold Partner | Silver Partner | Registered Partner

 We have certified Symantec specialists

Currently, the COMPAREX employees are certified worldwide in all kind of competencies (defined by Symantec) as follows:

Core Security

  •  SSE – Symantec Sales Experts:  322
  •  SSE+ – Symantec Sales Experts Plus:  68
  •  SCS – Symantec Certified Specialists:  17

Information Protection

  •  SSE – Symantec Sales Experts:  53
  •  SSE+ – Symantec Sales Experts Plus:  7
  •  SCS – Symantec Certified Specialists:  3

Threat Protection

  •  SSE – Symantec Sales Experts:  112
  •  SSE+ – Symantec Sales Experts Plus:  18
  •  SCS – Symantec Certified Specialists:  25

As the IT sector is moving rapidly, COMPAREX seeks to be up-to-date with its accreditations. Being globally local, we provide our specialists and share our knowledge to local as well as to global customers.


You find detailed information about products and licensing options on the official website of Symantec. For further advice and to find the licensing model which fits your needs contact us.