Enterprise cloud computing refers to an computing environment that delivers software, infrastructure and platform services across the organization. Unlike on-premise systems that physically resides in user devices, enterprise level cloud solutions offer the same benefits as on-premise systems without the additional high burden of capital led investments.

Enterprise cloud solutions offer benefits such as superior speed, agility, higher performance of IT resources, lower infrastructure costs, scalability and a more efficient utilization of IT resources. With business scenarios increasingly being dependent on agility, cloud solutions offer the best solution to organizations looking to scale their IT infrastructure and resource requirements up or down in short notice based on their business needs.

COMPAREX offers unmatched cloud solutions to enterprise customers across the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS environments. Our strong partnerships and alliances with world leaders give our customers unparalleled solutions to their business needs. Our breadth of expertise allow customers the power of choice ranging from setting up their own data centers, Virtualized data centers, Private cloud or a Public cloud solution.

We are your Cloud Enabler!

As a vendor agnostic cloud solution partner, we optimize the right mix of infrastructure, hardware and applications to power your cloud requirements.

  • We are a certified Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Acceleration Partner, we hold the VMware EMEA Infrastructure Virtualization Competency Award, we are a Citrix Premier Solution Advisor and one of the leading IBM and NetApp partners in Germany.
  • We have expertise in the software and project field for Windows and mainframe data centres and all standard server-client infrastructures
  • We have our finger on the pulse thanks to our first-class expertise when it comes to desktop virtualisation (V-Alliance Executive Partner of the Year) and projects like Volkswagen or the Knappschaft Bahn-See (German pension scheme for miners, railway and maritime workers)

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