By subscribing to Software-as-Service ("Saas") applications, a company can efficiently manage business operations like inventory, accounting, billing, email and other back-end work more efficiently and at a much lower cost. SaaS services allow SMEs to scale their software requirements upwards and downwards without any high capital cost investment. The SME pays less to start with, and scales up only when necessary.

Cloud computing promises fast return on investment without purchasing any software or hardware licenses. In addition, it eliminates the cost of IT resources required to manage on-premise infrastructure. Consuming services from the Cloud enables people mobility, to work together from anywhere, at any time.

Cloud-based services enable SMEs to manage IT requirements cost-effectively & more efficiently. The availability of ready to use secure building blocks frees up precious resource for core business functions

At COMPAREX, we have a host of ready to use SaaS solutions specifically for Small & Medium Enterprises covering all critical business functions.

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