Open Source Strategy

Open Source Strategy

Many companies are using solutions developed in the open source model. But instead of relying on top-down implementation of the open source model across all IT areas, we take a different approach. COMPAREX identifies the IT areas where open source products are the most suitable and where they will bring the greatest business benefits.

We know how to use the open source model so that it finally generates the expected benefits. At the same time, COMPAREX provides software that has been proven over years of operation in real IT environments, with real and sometimes very sensitive data. We provide comprehensive support during implementation and beyond, e.g., backup solutions, administration tools and automation tools. As a result, basic open source products are sometimes a good alternative to the products of well-known vendors.

What COMPAREX offers you

  • A competent team of more than 100 open source specialists.
  • Software and systems tested in the test centre and live implementations.
  • Comprehensive technical support, from the helpdesk to in-house engineers.
  • Solutions guaranteeing high quality at low cost.

Potential open source products and partners:

  • Backup – Amanda
  • IT monitoring and network management – GroundWork, Hyperic
  • Application servers – Tomcat, Jboss
  • Web servers – Apache
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (medium-sized company) – Openbravo, Compiere
  • Enterprise database – EnterpriseDB/Postgres Ingres
  • Business Intelligence – Pentaho
  • Enterprise e-mail management – Zimbra
  • Business application platform – MindTouch

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