COMPAREX è un fornitore IT internazionale specializzato nella gestione delle licenze, nell’approvvigionamento di software, nella consulenza e servizi professionali cloud-based. Grazie a trent’anni di esperienza, COMPAREX è un punto di riferimento per gli enti pubblici oltre che per piccole e medie imprese e grandi aziende, nazionali e internazionali. Il suo portfolio include licenze software di più di 3.000 vendor, oltre a consulenza e servizi professionali.

Il gruppo COMPAREX si avvale di oltre 2.350 dipendenti in circa 80 sedi in 34 Paesi in America, Europa, Asia e Africa. Nell’anno fiscale 2014/15 il Gruppo ha generato un fatturato pari a € 1.770 miliardi / $ 2.236 miliardi.


COMPAREX Wins one Global and two Regional 2016 VMware Partner Innovation Awards

Leipzig, 09.06.2017 – COMPAREX announced that it has won a VMware 2016 Global Partner Innovation Award in the Marketing Category, and two VMware Partner Innovation Awards for EMEA in the Marketing and Renewals categories. COMPAREX was recognized at the VMware Partner Leadership Summit 2017, held in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California.

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COMPAREX Appointed Indirect Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Distributor in the EU and EFTA

Leipzig, 17.10.2016 – Microsoft has welcomed the global COMPAREX Group into the circle of selected indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). As of today, COMPAREX will act as one of few key CSP distributors for resellers in the EU and EFTA. The company has qualified for this leading role due to its geographical coverage, fully automated billing processes and a superb reputation in software services and license competence.

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COMPAREX Group: Maarten van Montfoort appointed Executive Vice President Northwest Europe

Leipzig, 26.09.2016 – With immediate effect, Maarten van Montfoort takes over the role of the Executive Vice President of Northwest Europe within the COMPAREX Group. As agreed by the COMPAREX management board he will be responsible for a newly established region encompassing The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland). As a founder and previous general manager of Agile Software and InfraControl, two companies COMPAREX acquired in 2013, he had managed the integration process of the two companies into the COMPAREX Group. The process was completed in April earlier this year.

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COMPAREX Group takes over Korean software licensing and IT-consulting expert BUYSOFT Inc.

Leipzig, 16.08.2016 – COMPAREX Group, executing on its geographical growth strategy, has acquired a majority share in Korean software licensing and IT-consulting expert BUYSOFT Inc. The transaction is complete as of August 12 following the approval of authorities. It widens the reach of COMPAREX in Asia, which includes subsidiaries in China, India, Indonesia and Singapore. It is the first acquisition between a multinational corporation and a local firm in the field of software licensing and IT consulting industry in Korea.

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Marc Betgem appointed Chief Sales Officer at COMPAREX AG

Leipzig, 14.07.2016 – The Supervisory Board of COMPAREX AG has unanimously appointed Marc Betgem as the Chief Sales Officer effective as of July 1st. Marc Betgem, a native of the Netherlands, has been working for 17 years in various management roles within the COMPAREX Group. In his recent capacity as Executive Vice President, he led the BeNeLux and South Africa region to great success.

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Software Asset Management: COMPAREX prende il controllo di amando software.

Saronno, 20.01.2016 – COMPAREX, leader internazionale di servizi IT, ha acquisito il 100% di Amando Software GmbH, ISV tedesco specializzato in prodotti di Software Asset Management, con l’obiettivo di rafforzare la continua espansione di SoftCare nell’ambito della gestione delle licenze software. Amando Software è considerato uno dei migliori provider di soluzioni software e servizi di software asset management d’Europa, presente sul mercato da ormai 20 anni.

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