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Protecting your personal data

COMPAREX Deutschland AG attaches great importance to ensuring that your personal data are collected, used, processed and erased in accordance with the current applicable regulations as stipulated by the federal data protection legislation. Protecting your data is a matter of great importance to our company.

Using your data

We collect information about customers in electronic form and use it exclusively for the purposes of processing contracts, customer administration, product registration, technical support and for marketing purposes to the extent which is necessary and permissible. Information is only passed to subsidiaries of COMPAREX Deutschland AG where such business relationships exist. No information is passed other third parties. Information is only passed to official state bodies in accordance with the legal requirements.

If you do not want your data used for analyses purposes you can decline this service and exclude your IP-address permanently by clicking here.

Collecting data

On this website anonymous data are collected and processed by a web analyses tool for continuous improvement. When creating anonymous user profiles pseudonyms are generated. For that in some circumstances cookies creating and saving anonymous information are used for that. In no case (never) those data are used to identify specific visitors (even if this would be possible) or specific pseudonyms.

The right to information, amendment, erasure and blocking

All our customers have a right to receive information about data concerning them which is held by us. Customers may at any time withdraw permission for the use of their data for advertising purposes. Customers may apply to us for information about who is receiving their data.
On request the information held by us can be amended or erased. If data cannot be erased for legal reasons it will be blocked instead. The data will then be erased once the minimum legal storage term has expired.

Data protection principles.

Our customers may at any time ask for information about the scope and purpose of data processing. If permission has been given for data to be used or transferred for advertising purposes this may be withdrawn at any time and customers may also request that they be informed about any further recipients of their data. In addition data will also be corrected, blocked or erased on request.

Our customer portals on the internet

The data stored for the use of customer portals will also only be used for the services made available through the customer portals. By subscribing to the newsletter your usage pattern will be recorded with the aim of optimising personalised communication with you as our customer for the purposes of offering future tailored solutions.


Cookies are small files to be stored temporarily to facilitate the exchange of information. COMPAREX Deutschland AG only uses cookies where personalised and modified browsing are required. If you do not want cookies you can deactivate this function on your browser. Where cookies are used on our website its functionality may be adversely affected by deactivating them.

Secure transactions with SSL encryption

The data you enter on our online shop are protected from being accessed by third parties by the use of secure encryption techniques. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) ensures that your personal data can only be transferred over the internet in encrypted form and decrypted only by our servers.
You can check you have a secure and encrypted connection with SSL by looking for the padlock symbol in the status bar on your browser and the URL address will change from http:// to https://.


If you have any comments or queries about out data protection statement just email to

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