Microsoft Products and Services Agreements (MPSA) Transactional

As Select Plus will be retired in 2016, the MPSA (Microsoft Products & Services Agreement) will soon be the only option for commercial customers to purchase Microsoft licenses through a transactional agreement.

  • This new generation of Volume Licensing brings along some fundamental enhancements
  • One agreement for all customers regardless of size or type
  • An integrated transactional purchasing for on premises software and Online Services
  • An evergreen agreement with a much simpler agreement structure
  • Purchasing accounts to display different entities and subsidiaries
  • Providing new, improved and easy to handle systems and tools to manage your licenses

MPSA Phases

The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) is the first step in Microsoft’s next generation of Volume Licensing, transforming Volume Licensing with improvements to the agreement and simplification of the purchasing and management experience. The MPSA delivers greater value from your licensed assets, more flexible purchasing and simplified asset management through an improved agreement structure, new purchasing platform and modernized systems and tools.

MPSA is the foundational agreement that consolidates all applicable terms and conditions that are found in the current Microsoft Business and Services Agreement as well as Select Plus Agreement and the Microsoft Online Services purchasing terms and conditions.

Features include:

  • A single agreement provides integrated purchasing for on-premises and Online Services, offering a single way to acquire your license and software asset portfolio.
  • Supports multiple organizational types enabling all lines of business to purchase through the same agreement structure for improved tracking and management of assets.
  • The MPSA is a perpetual contract. The master agreement does not expire.

Easily Manage Your Assets with Purchasing Accounts

A Purchasing Account can be any unit within your organization that needs the ability to independently purchase Microsoft software.  Each Purchasing Account is associated to your organization’s MPSA.

All product and Online Services purchases under all Purchasing Accounts are associated to your MPSA and are consolidated automatically to receive the best volume discount based on the purchase volume per pool and account across your entire organization.

New and Improved Systems and Tools

In addition to the optimized Microsoft licensing, new systems and tools have been created to help simplify management of all your Microsoft assets. The new Microsoft Volume Licensing Center has an intuitive, easy to use interface so you can quickly and accurately view and manage your products and services assets across the entire organization. Enhanced self-service online tools give you better management capabilities by simplifying access to all the information you need about your agreement through a single online portal.


Monthly Microsoft Updates

Leipzig, 02/17/2017 – On a monthly basis, we inform you on selected product and licensing news to keep you up to date.

The current topics are: End of support for the 2013 versions of Office 365 client applications, Windows 10 upgrade benefits for Windows cloud subscriptions in CSP, Windows VDA price adjustments, Azure will no longer be available through the MPSA, changes in accessibility for Microsoft Project 2013 & Project Online, Premium Assurance extends Microsoft support, System Center 2016 Client Management Suite is no longer available, Windows Nano Server – SA for Server + CAL Required

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Since 1 February 2017, Microsoft Azure is no longer available through MPSA

Leipzig, 02/10/2017 Microsoft Azure is still available through Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), Enterprise Agreement Subscription (EAS), Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE), Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Microsoft Online Subscription Program (MOSP).
Customers, who have already purchased Microsoft Azure through MPSA, remain unaffected by the changes.

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Microsoft has announced that it will raise its entry threshold for Enterprise Agreement Contracts to 500 desktops from 1 July 2016. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at the Microsoft Products and Service Agreement (MPSA) as an alternative for companies with between 250 and 499 desktops. Read the full article ...

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