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In the Spotlight

  •  Office 365

Get the value and simplicity of Microsoft Office 365 on almost any device.


  •  Product & Licensing Updates

The news listed on this page are mostly articles provided by COMPAREX consultants or Microsoft.

Volume Licensing Advisor

  •  Licensing

Fill in the questionnaire to discover the best licensing program for your company.

Cloud-Inspired Networking

  •  Windows Server 2016

Discover the cloud-ready operating system that supports current workloads while introducing new technologies that make it easy to transition to cloud computing at your own pace.

Focus on Team Work

  •  MS Office 2016

Work on documents together anytime and anywhere in real time. Start spontaneous discussions even more easily. Enjoy real team work with MS Office 2016 for Windows and Mac.

New Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

  •  MS SQL Server 2016

The 2016 version of SQL Server comes along with new hybrid cloud scenarios, business intelligence with real-time operational analytics, rich visualizations on mobile devices and innovative advanced security technology.

Cloud Services

  •  O365, Azure, Intune

Enjoy the simplicity of well-known office tools provided out of the cloud. Get the powerful combination of Microsoft Cloud Services and web-enabled Windows applications to be more flexible in your daily work.

Operating Systems & Servers

  •  Windows

When it comes to  the integration of cloud-based solutions, the message is clear: Your organization needs a consistent, integrated approach that helps you solve fundamental business and IT challenges.

Office Solutions

  •  Office, Project, Visio, SharePoint, Skype, Exchange

MS Office 2016 is now available and complements Microsoft’s cross-platform Office solutions. With Office 2016 for Windows and Mac, the focus is shifting more towards team work.

MS Products & Services Agreement

  •  Volume Licensing

The Microsoft Products and Services Agreement is a flexible transactional Volume Licensing agreement for customers with at least 250 clients who would like to combine on premise licenses and Online Services.

Enterprise Agreement

  •  Volume Licensing

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement aims at large-scale enterprises that want to standardize their licenses company-wide and plan to retain the possibility to add software licenses and Online Services at the same time.

Service Provider License Agreement

  •  Volume Licensing

With SPLA, service providers and ISV's can license Microsoft products on a monthly basis, during a three-year agreement term in order to host software services and applications to their customers.