Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 is an integrated, complete solution with development tools, cloud services and extensions that enables you and your team to develop applications and games for desktops, the web, Windows Store, Android and iOS. The current version, Visual Studio 2015, offers new innovative features to help you deliver software in less time and even better quality. Choose between different versions, depending on whether you work alone or in a small team (Professional edition) or in a complex project across departments and locations (Enterprise edition).

Visual Studio 2015 – Offerings and Purchasing Channels

  Enterprise with MSDN Professional with MSDN MSDN Platforms Test Professional with MSDN Team Foundation Server 2015 Visual Studio Professional 2015
Enterprise, Enterprise Subscription
Select Plus, MPSA
Open Value, Open Value Subscription
Campus, Enrollment for Education Solutions


Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN *

The Enterprise edition includes popular features of Visual Studio Ultimate, such as the progress-related Debugger IntelliTrace or Code Map for the graphic illustration of dependencies in the code. Standardize your team with Visual Studio Enterprise so every software developer can work effectively with comprehensive and complex as well as external code. It is fully equipped for even the most complex projects in teams of any size and offers enhanced features for smooth cooperation between everyone involved in the project, even across departments.

  • Allows gapless quality management with enhanced features such as load testing, automated and manual tests and new IntelliTest features.
  • Provides agile tools and project management capabilities optimized for enterprise-scale projects to manage work across projects and teams in an environment that’s productive and easy to use.
  • Includes comprehensive additional MSDN services for all testing and development purposes, Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Studio Online Advanced as well as monthly Azure credit of US $150.

Please note: Visual Studio Enterprise has replaced the Premium and Ultimate editions

Visual Studio Professional with MSDN *

With Visual Studio Professional, developers can create multi-tier applications for Windows, Windows Phone, Office, the web or the cloud. The integrated development environment allows to maintain and extend existing applications or to create new modern applications – even for Windows 10.

  • It’s a professional tool for the development of any application type for multiple devices.
  • Strong features, such as CodeLens, improve the collaboration in your team.
  • Use effective tools for agile project planning, team rooms, diagrams to further enhance team co-operation.

* MSDN Platforms

MSDN Platforms is the ideal solution for individuals who do not need a full Visual Studio but contribute to the development and testing process.

These can be for example:

  • IT administrators, IT consultants and support agents who build test environments internally or externally.
  • Cross-platform developers who use Java, PHP or other languages and develop applications for Microsoft platforms.

Users of MSDN Platforms receive all services included in a MSDN subscription like trainings and support services, access to older or current software versions for all test and development purposes and a monthly Azure credit of US $100.

Visual Studio Test Professional

Visual Studio Test Professional 2015 gives you access to the test hub in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online. Coordinate all test management activities including test planning, authoring, execution, and tracking from a central location. The test hub allows critical insight into progress against the defined acceptance criteria and quality metrics.

  • Visual Studio Test Professional 2015 enables you to perform ad-hoc and exploratory tests without requiring predefined test cases or test steps.
  • Run manual tests and record test results for each test step using a toolset optimized for the needs of testers.
  • A fully configurable test runner captures detailed records of steps performed, behaviors observed, and the status of each test step.

Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server is an enterprise-grade server for teams to share code, track work, and ship software — for any language, all in a single package.

  • Team Foundation Server provides a set of collaboration tools that work with your existing Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or editor.
  • Use Team Foundation version control (TFVC) for one massively scalable repo, or multiple Git repositories for maximum flexibility.
  • Notice quality issues early with continuous integration (CI) builds that compile and test your application automatically after any code change

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