Microsoft Office 2016

Office 2016 is now available and complements Microsoft’s cross-platform Office solutions. With Office 2016 for Windows and Mac, the focus is shifting more towards team work – users can work on documents together anytime and anywhere in real time. The deeper integration of Skype for Business allows for spontaneous discussions even more easily.

The most important new features

  • The new Microsoft Office 2016 allows working across devices and provides optimum fidelity on any device, no matter if it runs on Windows or Apple, a smart phone or a tablet.
  • Co-operating has been improved massively thanks to real-time document editing in Word, PowerPoint and OneNote.
  • As part of an Office 365 subscription, Office 2016 offers modern security features on Enterprise level.
  • Office 2016 and Windows 10 work perfectly together as a team. „Windows Hello“ allows to sign into your Windows 10 PC and Office simultaneously. With the help of Continuum and Office Mobile Apps, your smartphone becomes a comprehensive tool for working.
  • The new Office 365 subscription allows you to use 5 terminal devices and offers 1 TB of online storage for any user.

Office 2016 Sets New Standards

What is new?

Teamwork is the central improvement of Office 2016. Working together on and sharing of documents, sharing notes and keeping everyone up-to-date. The new Office 2016 apps work on all desktop and mobile devices on all operating systems with a steady design over all devices and platforms (Windows, Android, Apple).

The new Excel supports even more diagram types optimized for financial or hierarchically organized data or the statistical properties of information. Forecasts may be created from historical data with one click via the new “prognosis sheet”. The new Excel uses the algorithm of the industry standard for exponential equalization.

Intelligent assistants help you to find the right feature quickly and easily. With “TellMe” searching for commands is a thing of the past. Users can simply search for the task they would like to complete – the respective menu will open automatically.

Information for the Experts

For IT experts and others who think about changing to MS Office 2016, Microsoft has provided comprehensive information. You can find information about improvements, cross-device usage, test versions of Office 365 as well as blogs, trainings, templates and support here.

In general, the new MS Office is made for two usage scenarios: for private users at home and for businesses. Microsoft offers ample resources regarding features, improvements and terms.


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