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Cloud Solutions
  •  Helping you making the right decisons regarding the Cloud as well as helping you exploring the benefits, scalability and flexibility of the Cloud
Computing Everywhere
  •  Computing Everywhere: offering services and increase productivity of your employees, Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Big Data & Analytics
  •  Analytics, Machine Learning as well as Smart Devices (IoT) provide plenty of new opportunities in with Big Data.
Software Asset Management
  •  Saving money and eliminating risks by creating insight in your software, using Software Asset Management
  •  What is the impact of IT developments on your cyber security? Are you prepared for another Wannacry attack?
  •  In three easy steps towards an adequate Mobile Security. Is the data on your mobile devices safe?
  •  Get a grip on the data overload with Information Management, de-duplicate your data and make sure you backup just the right data - not more, no less.
Digital Content
  •  Find the right licences for Marketing and Document creation software. Be prepared for the upcoming Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0

01.08.2017 | Improving digital resilience with the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform

The resilience of Dutch companies is limited, according to the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security. With the COMPAREX Portfolio Management Platform you quickly and efficiently get insight in the security level of your applications. Read the full article ...

13.07.2017 | Hybrid Cloud versus Multi Cloud

Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud are increasingly emerging as potential strategies for organisations. In practice, it often appears to be unclear what these two trends mean. In this blog these two trends will be described along with things to take into consideration. Read the full article ...

16.05.2017 | Cybercrime and security

Cybercrime is the stuff of nightmares for any organization. The volume and complexity of cyberattacks has soared in recent times. A problem that is recognized even at European level, resulting in new privacy legislation and investment worth EUR 450 million to promote R&D into new technologies. Read the full article ...

16.05.2017 | Taken hostage by ransomware. What are the possibilities?

The term ‘ransomware’ shows up more and more. It is a persistent problem that will not disappear anytime soon. Computers of COMPAREX customers, too, are taken hostage at an increasing rate. These customers ask us how to deal with this problem and how to prevent their computers from getting infected. Read the full article ...

11.05.2017 | Four key mobility trends

The trends in Mobility follow up quickly. Here are four trends that will enable your organization to safely benefit from mobile access to business data! (Reading time: 4 minutes) Read the full article ...

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