SAM Service Packages

SAM Service Packages

Reviewing Services

SAM reviewing services enable you to establish your licensing requirements (installed base) and the actually used inventory of licences (licensed software products). We use this to determine your current licensing status, which supports you with relevant action and optimisation recommendations when planning upcoming measures.

What is SAM Reviewing Services?

The one-off definition of the current licensing status cannot replace continuous software asset management. It is much more a part of the introduction of SAM in your company.

Your Benefit

If you use our reviewing services, you will receive an overview on the following areas:

  • Installed software products
  • Used hardware assets
  • Licensed software
  • Compliance overview
  • Software use
  • Potential savings
  • Quick scan

The Service Elements

Quick Scan

The Quick Scan is your gateway to transparency in your IT infrastructure. As part of a one-day project, we record all clients that can be accessed online at this time and the software installed there. You will receive a report on the installed software products, arranged according to vendor and category.

One Vendor Review

As part of the Microsoft One Vendor Review, we contrast the installed Microsoft software on the clients and servers in your company with the existing licences. Data from various sources is aligned:

  • Purchasing statistics from COMPAREX and other LARs
  • Internal documents
  • Microsoft Licence Statement (MLS)

Compliance Project

As part of a compliance project, our SAM experts record all licences and contracts in your company in electronic and physical form for a defined number of vendors and products (e.g., BOX products, OEM licences, etc.).

In addition, you will receive a record of your technical inventory, which is drawn up with your existing inventory system or with the COMPAREX SAM certified solution, which includes software product identification.



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