SAM for your company

SAM for your company

SAM in purchasing

Negotiating the best conditions in purchasing or fixing optimal contractual conditions. These requirements are placed on software asset management by purchasing.


When budgets are reduced, cost management becomes more and more important. SAM helps you to steer your hardware and software tasks.
Organising your software resources reduces administrative tasks, saving both time and money. You identify where you have to invest and where you could make cuts.

Your Benefits

Investing wisely

Our technology gives you an overview of your IT resources. You can use the metering function to identify whether particular resources are used and how often. Ideally, this will prevent you from making unnecessary investments. For example, your company may simply have to restructure existing resources to avoid investments. And SAM will enable you to clearly distinguish between important and less important or even unjustified purchases.

Save cash

Do you make purchases from a number of suppliers without an adequate purchasing strategy? This creates an enormous workload for your company. There is no way that you could create standardised processes under these conditions. COMPAREX offers software from all vendors, which means that you can cover all your software needs with one supplier. This automates purchasing processes and reduces costs. But there are even more potential savings: If you just have one supplier, you automatically purchase higher volumes and therefore qualify for price discounts.

Strength through expertise

IT development is proceeding at a rapid pace, often too quickly to develop your own expertise. In such cases, it is difficult to decide which IT assets are required in the company and how you can introduce them. SAM can help. COMPAREX supports you by providing professional consulting services on hardware and software procurement. You do not have to be an IT expert – you can rely on us to find tailored solutions to your specific requirements!

  • Avoid misplaced investments
  • Identify necessary purchases
  • Streamlined purchasing processes
  • Benefit from long-term IT planning


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