SAM in virtual environments

SAM in virtual environments

SAM in virtual environments

SAM Quick Scan is your gateway to a more transparent IT infrastructure. Quick Scan scans all clients and servers that are available online including the virtual machines and installed software. You will get an overview of your technical inventory data for audits and contract extensions, plus you can generate various reports for IT management. Your data is recorded using a virtual environment that includes an inventory tool, software product identification and the required infrastructure and licences.


Boost for quick overview

An experienced consultant is responsible for setting up the virtual environment at your company and configuring the system. Quick Scan will analyse the IT areas you have defined (IP range, domain, VMware server farm and so on). Depending on the amount of data to be analysed, the scan time can vary between one day and two weeks.

At the end you will receive an individual software product overview. Software products are identified from all the inventory data that has been collected and are organised according to vendor and category. The analysis report provides you with the information you need to decide what further licence management steps need to be taken.

Our SAM team has outstanding expertise and many years of international experience in the areas of software asset, licence and contract management. This know-how has contributed to numerous process projects and technical implementations. Our team works independently of vendors, is fully familiar with the licence and contract conditions of all the major manufacturers

Sample scenario

Initial situation

You want to get an overview of your licensing situation in a (complex) virtual environment and ensure the proper licensing of servers, desktops and applications. You are also looking for strategies for software provision.


We determine the licence requirement together with you and visualise optimisation opportunities for alternative licensing. Use this transparency to identify the optimal licensing models for your VMware environment and take advantage of the potential savings there.
Partners and products:

  • Matrix42 (software provision, workplace management)


What you can expect:

  • Quick Scan of all your installations including virtual clients and servers that are available online
  • Effective software product identification
  • Automatic allocation of virtual machines to host servers
  • Individual software product overview
  • On-site support


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