SAM for your company

SAM for your company

SAM in IT administration

An administrator of an effective software asset management system expects to be able to keep track of the current software inventory and re-allocate free licences.


Reduced budgets, increasing performance requirements for hardware and software, above-average administration costs, growing IT infrastructure, increased security risks, high costs...

These are familiar signs that it is time to undertake a detailed analysis of your hardware and software resources. Time for SAM services Time for profitable process consulting.

Your Benefits

Create a high degree of transparency with SAM

SAM enables you to consolidate data on installed executables and registered programs for relevant product descriptions. Only with this information are you in a position to inform your company management and establish your IT strategy. Are guidelines being followed? Are standard shopping baskets being implemented? Can users complete their work with the operating resources provided to them? Is the acquired software used effectively? Reliable software identification forms the basis for these and similar questions.

Use SAM to lower costs

Another good reason to manage and document your IT resources properly: Structuring your IT assets helps to standardise your work processes. This saves time and money, not to mention stress! It also improves performance in the long run. With SAM, you can reduce costs for training courses, IT support and maintenance. Furthermore, you can clearly define where investments are required.

Use SAM to improve planning processes

Successful IT planning begins with an analysis of your existing assets. SAM supports this process from the outset by providing valuable information on your assets and their use, which helps you to plan more precisely. You can even use SAM to plan migration projects. For example, you can find out which hardware you have to purchase to introduce new software solutions.

  • Minimise administration workload
  • Guarantee IT security
  • Filter out required investments
  • Reduce costs for training courses, IT support and maintenance.


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