SAM for your company

SAM for your company

SAM in Management

Stay on top of potential scope for optimisation, simplify workflows and make them more effective. This is what management expects to achieve with software asset management.


To be able to hold their own in the dynamic market environment of today, companies need streamlined and corporate structures. This makes for more flexible, improved workflows and allows them to represent themselves successfully. IT assets can also be streamlined, which saves time and money.

Your Benefits

Good organisation pays off

Software is expensive, all the more so when it is not managed correctly. No organisation can afford to leave potential savings unexploited. Correctly structured software assets can help you to use software efficiently, employ resources cost-effectively, streamline workflows and reduce the administrative workload. A clean IT infrastructure is worth its weight in gold.

Avoiding the cost trap

SAM helps you to avoid the cost trap by providing reliable information, clear structures and strong decision-making tools. By ensuring the right level of transparency, unnecessary or inefficient investments are a thing of the past, because SAM also tells you whether your IT capacities are fully exhausted. SAM can help you to identify where increases are required and where you should reorganise your capacities.

Security all along the line

There is no longer any reason to think about whether your company is properly licensed when SAM can give you a clear and comprehensive overview of your company’s licensing situation. It relieves you of the burden of legal consequences, expensive fines and protects the image of your company. Dealing properly with your software and hardware also means ensuring greater security against threats to your IT infrastructure.

  • Identify potential savings
  • Use resources cost-effectively
  • Streamline work processes
  • Guarantee IT security

Control costs, avoid risks

The aim of SAM is not only to manage the software inventory of an organisation but also to protect management from threats that arise from the use of a particular software asset.
IT systems are expensive assets: It pays to organise and maintain them properly. Our SAM services ensure that your company is properly licensed and that the costs incurred correspond to actual requirements after detailed consideration.


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