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A variety of data and information forms an important basis for our daily work. This information is often stored on central company databases to which many applications have access. The most important task in this respect is to guarantee simple, fast and secure access to relevant information and data – but also to secure the provision of this data with maximum availability and performance.

Our Service: Database Consulting

Workshop – Introduction to the Microsoft SQL Server

The availability and security of data from company processes are important for the success of any company. The qualitative and quantitative growth of company data makes it difficult to give employees consistent access to it. At the same time, costs have to be reduced – without endangering the availability, security and reliability of data.

The Microsoft SQL Server is an extensive database platform that supports your business-critical applications in a more secure, reliable, convenient and scalable way. This allows developers to store and use any information for a wide variety of devices. COMPAREX offers you a one-day special workshop on this issue.


Focal points:

  • Creating and providing reliable and scalable company applications
  • Increasing your IT productivity while reducing complexity in relation to the creation, provision and management of database applications
  • Managing all kinds of data – from relational data, through to documents, geographical information and XML
  • Shared use of data across several platforms, applications and devices to simplify the integration of internal and external systems

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