Business Guard

Business Guard

Business Guard from COMPAREX is a fast and independent assessment of how prepared your business is to continue operations in the event of a disaster or a crisis, including the processes outsourced to contractors.

We analyse your current implementation and prepare a summary report of your situation. This summary shows potential gaps compared to best-in-class references and gives you valuable ideas and plans for improvement.

What is a disaster or a crisis?

A disaster is any major event that causes a disruption to your business. Typically, a disaster has a major impact and widespread effect, such as the loss of buildings, infrastructure, systems, external partners or personnel.

A crisis means disruptions to your business due to crime or legal issues, e.g., internal external fraud, insider trade, corruption, information theft, legal action, loss of business licence.

Our contribution to your business

With Business Guard, COMPAREX can define customised procedures in order to handle disasters and crises. All measures are covered to consistently ensure the business operation, including:

  • disaster organisation/processes,
  • continuity plans/return-to-normal coordination,
  • IT measures regarding disaster recovery/documentation
  • preventative measures.

It is important for companies to plan, evaluate and test processes for potential disaster/crisis scenarios and COMPAREX can supporting you in this crucial work.

Do you feel comfortable when answering the following questions?

  • How do you deal with damage to your physical assets, e.g., premises, data centre?
  • How do you keep your business running in case of a breakdown of your IT and infrastructure?
  • Have you implemented a ‘peer checking principle’ when monitoring/auditing your preparedness in the event of a crisis (calling for a second opinion)?
  • Have you ever deleted a file where no backup existed?
  • Do you kept up-to-date on main business risks?
  • Has unauthorised information been disclosed to competitors or the press?
  • Has your company been the victim of fraud or derelictions of duty by employees/third parties?
  • Do you know how prepared your business partners are, especially those who cover part of your mission-critical business processes or who are strategically important to your organisation?

The 5-step approach

COMPAREX Business Guard uses a 5-step approach. During the process we get to know your processes and define a concept for the continuity of your business.


Business Guard helps you to avoid certain risks in the event of a disaster or crisis:

  • financial losses
  • customer dissatisfaction
  • excessive re-work
  • damaged public perception
  • decreased investor, lender, partner confidence
  • negative publicity
  • damaged employee morale
  • legal sanctions/lawsuits,
  • fines/loss of licence

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