SAM DNA from COMPAREX is a unique tool to identify software from your inventory data. It calculates which software products were found across several levels in your IT environment and therefore offers you a solid database for all kinds of processes based on your software inventory.

With our SAM DNA, you will reach an identification rate of up to 90%. The software that is not identified can by anonymised for further analysis and sent to COMPAREX. Application areas include all divisions in your company that are dependent on detailed and standardised software information. These include, for example, IT asset management (e.g., patch management) and licence management. Take advantage of our identification software, unique in the world!

Your Benefits

  • Simple installation in your inventory program purely based on database
  • Integrated catalogue with over 45,000 software products in over 120,000 detailed versions
  • Identification of product family, edition, version (up to 3 digits)


Software: The software part of SAM DNA is an integration of database objects in the corresponding host asset management system. During setup, all tables and procedures are created, which are required for the software definitions and its calculation functionalities. The software for all relevant clients is calculated and cached using just one procedural execution. The results are available for further processes.

Product recognition: The product recognition definitions are created by a specialised team. Your inventory is compared with the existing recognition rules. These rules are updated and new rules are added. The definitions and the annexed calculation engine enable the creation of complex definitions for software products, which is reflected in the quality of the evaluation.

Evaluation: The calculated software contains information about the software vendor, product version and edition, licence type and upgrade and downgrade paths. The calculation creates a list which maps software and client.

Depending on the licence chosen (annual/monthly) you can upload the inventory data to COMPAREX. After DNA rendering, you will receive a new DNA update at regular intervals (each quarter/monthly)

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