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Juridiskt förbehåll

COMPAREX Sweden AB has prepared this website with the greatest possible care. However it does not claim to be correct, complete and up to date.

As a service provider, COMPAREX Sweden AB is held accountable by law for the information that it makes available for use. COMPAREX Sweden AB, however, is under no obligation to monitor information transmitted or stored by third parties. Nor is it obliged to investigate matters that would indicate illegal activities. This does not affect the obligations to remove certain information or to disbar the use of information under the general operation of the law.

COMPAREX Sweden AB, however, cannot be held liable in this respect until a specific breach of the law is brought to its attention. Once COMPAREX Sweden AB becomes aware of such illegal activities, the offending contents will be removed immediately.

The website of COMPAREX Sweden AB contains links to other websites belonging to third parties. COMPAREX Sweden AB has no influence on the contents of these websites. No guarantee can therefore be given in relation to the contents of other websites. The party responsible for the contents of the linked pages is always the provider in question or the operator of the website. At the time when these links were created an assessment was carried out as to whether the websites in question might possibly contain illegal contents. No such contents were found. However, COMPAREX Sweden AB cannot be reasonably expected to maintain constant surveillance over the contents of the individual links without any concrete grounds to suspect that they contain illegal contents. If COMPAREX Sweden AB becomes aware of such illegal contents, the links in question will be removed immediately or they will be disabled.

In as far as the website of COMPAREX Sweden AB requests the submission of personal data (such as names, addresses and/or e-mail addresses), this will always be on a voluntary basis, in as far as this is possible.

It is expressly pointed out that third parties are not allowed to use the contact data published on this website in compliance with the legal requirements in order to send out unsolicited promotional and information material. The operators of this website expressly reserve the right to take legal action if they should receive any unsolicited promotional material, such as spam sent by e-mail.

COMPAREX Sweden AB makes every effort to respect the copyrights of others at all times. We ensure that this is the case through recourse to information that has been compiled by us, for which we have acquired a licence or which is considered licence-free.

The contents and information prepared by COMPAREX Sweden AB and to be found on this website are subject to German copyright law. Contributions made by third parties are identified as such. Any duplication, processing, dissemination and any kind of exploitation which goes beyond what is permissible under copyright law requires the written consent of the author in question. Downloads and copies of this page are only allowed for private purposes and may not be used in a commercial context.


Data Protection

Which data do we collect from you?

When you visit our website we collect the following data:

 Cookies and server log files

We use cookies, small text files that are saved on your computer and in your browser. When these cookies are used, we record which web pages were viewed, the date and time at which they were viewed as well as the respective files, the transferred data volume, the browser type and the operating system, the provider and your IP address.


We require your email address to send you our newsletter. The first and second name fields are not mandatory.

 Social media

Should you use our social media pages, the respective providers can use the information that you visit and use COMPAREX web pages for their own services that can be tailored to your needs. The data from the server log files are also sent to the provider.

 Customer and partner portals

On our partner portal we use session cookies that allow us to track your activities on our website.

What do we do with your data?

We use your personal data to anonymously evaluate the way visitors use our web pages. We also use your anonymized data for the purpose of web administration, for statistical or backup purposes.

Do we send data to third parties?

Your data is only passed on to subsidiaries if these subsidiaries do business with you. The legal requirements for handling order data (Article 11 of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG)) are always complied with. The data is only forwarded to state authorities if this is legally required.

What are your rights?

You have rights to the following with regard to your personal data:

  • Information
  • Deletion
  • Correction
  • Refusal