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Data Protection Service

Data Protection ServicesAnalysts may often be wrong, but in terms of data growth their predictions have been more than realised. In many data centres this growth has led to bottlenecks in production and recovery processes. At the same time, both new and existing technologies are in the position to solve these problems. The challenge is to handle data management processes carefully and combine them with the appropriate technology to meet the specific demands of your company.

The COMPAREX Data Protection Service is a process-oriented status analysis of the customer’s complete data protection environment covering the following dimensions:

Organisation and processes Availability Backup/Recovery Disaster recovery Compliance and archiving

This includes primary production storage as well as backup recovery systems and procedures. As a result, the Data Protection Service delivers a gap analysis on best practices and provides recommendations.

Data undergoes a certain lifecycle

  • Data is created, e.g., by users, by measurement devices or by applications
  • Data must be protected from loss and leakage
  • Once protection is guaranteed, data is made available for use.
  • In keeping with legal requirements, data must be archived (also a way to reduce the burden on primary file systems)
  • Data no longer in use is permanently deleted


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