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COMPAREX SAM2GO - All facts at a glance, bundled in two minutes

  Licence Management as a Service


COMPAREX Global Sourcing
Licensing with COMPAREX Global Sourcing - All facts at a glance

 Daily International Best Pricing

Optimize your procurement processes  - All facts about COMPAREXonline in a short video

 Process Automation


COMPAREX SoftCare | At a Glance

COMPAREX SoftCare BrochureCOMPAREX SoftCare – a unique toolset to reduce compliance risks, cut costs in the process of managing and purchasing software licences and demonstrably increase the level of efficiency of your procurement processes. Software Licence Management: Sounds easy. But it isn’t.

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COMPAREX SoftCare | In Detail


COMPAREX SAM2GO BrochureAll facts about COMPAREX SAM2GO at a glance – Benefit from potential savings and minimize audit risks at the same time.

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Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction Brochure Cost reduction with COMPAREX – Three ways to save money by using intelligent worldwide sourcing.

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COMPAREX Licensing Pilot

COMPAREX Licensing PilotClear, detailed and up-to-date overview of our core vendors' licensing programs.

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