Next month, COMPAREX will be at CLOUDSEC, one of the world’s largest internet security conferences. Hosted by Trend Micro and boasting more than 1,000 attendees, 40 expert speakers will descend on Park Plaza Westminster Bridge to discuss a wide range of real-world challenges and strategies in internet security.


Many organisations have adopted cloud to increase business agility and reduce costs, but traditional cyber-security solutions provide little protection in modern cloud environments, and data security remains a pressing concern. Very few companies today have the ability to detect complex persistent threats. They need to be able to not only proactively prevent network attacks, but also protect against known vulnerability exploits and ransomware attacks.

The importance of cloud cover

According to research, 74% of organisations store some or all of their sensitive data in the public cloud, but alarmingly, less than half have visibility into the cloud services that hold this information. This creates a predicament for CIOs who have been tasked with cloud adoption, but also need to safeguard customer data to protect consumers, and remain compliant with regulations such as the upcoming GDPR.

While many public cloud platforms have in-built compliance certifications, companies remain responsible for securing their workloads in the cloud. Consequently, they need to invest in technologies – for example, platforms such as Trend Micro’s Deep Security – that protect sensitive information and streamline the collection of audit evidence to ensure continuous compliance.

If your name’s not on the list, you’re not getting in

In addition, rigorous identity access management measures must be in place to thwart malicious parties. This not only prevents attackers from gaining entry to an organisation’s applications, but also ensures employees can only access the cloud services they’ve been approved to use. COMPAREX’s Unified Cloud Management solution for Office 365, for instance, provides full management and oversight over 365 workloads; enabling companies to control who has access to which services, and align configuration of this access to company guidelines. 

Comprehensive cloud management solutions, which support, optimise and manage cloud environments, can take the headache out of data protection in the cloud. These tools give CIOs and businesses peace of mind by providing granular visibility into the use of cloud services, helping to ensure that data security best practices are adhered to.

Register today, and come and visit us at CLOUDSEC to discuss how our portfolio of cloud services can keep your company protected, cost effectively, as it reaps the benefit of the cloud.

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