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Software Licence Management: Sounds Easy, Does It?

At COMPAREX more than 2,450 employees in 35 countries across the globe are focused on the management of software usage rights and sourcing. We are the global number one in licencing knowledge, proven by 4,750 certifications from 70 software vendors.

Globally, software is considered as a mixture of goods, services and rights, each with various types of usage and different usage periods. Above all else, there are often complex legal situations when transferring usage rights and other tax and fiscal regulations (e.g. withholding tax, value added tax), which require professional licence management.

Agreements: Choosing the Best Sourcing Model

We analyse your software landscape in four steps, and thereafter design the optimum sourcing model for you, taking the following into account:

 Step 1

Demand analysis of core products

 Step 2

Demand analysis of additional products

 Step 3

Consolidation into procurement model

 Step 4

Support for contract negotiations

  •  Reduction of licensing and maintenance costs
  •  Use of international suppliers
  •  Licensing compliance
  •  Simplification of licence management

Vendor Relationships

All measures are based on our expertise in licence programmes, products and contracts of the software vendors. COMPAREX maintains excellent relations with all the leading representatives of the industry and holds almost without exception, the highest certification standards. Overall, our portfolio includes products from more than 3,000 suppliers.

Geography: Unique Global Sourcing System

Our global market coverage enables us to make international comparisons to find the best price worldwide with our unique cloud-based global sourcing system.

To this end, we make use of:

  •  Exchange rate fluctuations
  •  Different regional pricing policies of the software vendors
  •  Currently 24 different sourcing currencies

Unique Global Sourcing System with currently 21 different sourcing currencies

Tax Law: Regulations When Transferring Usage Rights

Complex tax regulations (VAT or withholding tax, for example) play a very important role, particularly in international transactions. Non-compliance may lead to criminal prosecution.

By maintaining a global ERP system with a central hub, COMPAREX ensures compliance with tax and licensing regulations and simplifies cross-border delivery options from 561 to 33!

The COMPAREX hub system

Licence Compliance: Balance Between Usage and Licensing

Compliance – and particularly transparency – are not only important for tax regulations. If more software products are used than are licensed, an audit by a software provider may result in a fine (‘licence shortfall’).

If, however, more licences are bought than are actually needed, there may be potential for savings (‘licence excess').

        Cost Risks from Audits
    Potential Savings    
This is your software requirement (e.g. 1,000 licences).   This is the amount of licences you've actually bought (e.g. 1,200 licences). This is called a »licence excess«   This is the amount of licences you've currently installed. In this case you have installed more licences than bought (e.g. 1,200 licences installed and 1,000 licences bought). This is called a »licence shortfall«

Time: Synchronised Contracts and Renewals

Synchronising the renewal of existing contracts with different usage periods offers significant potential for savings. The various contracts can then be consolidated and extended collectively. Better terms can thus be achieved during purchasing negotiations thanks to larger contract volumes.

Contract A   New
Contract B  
Contract C  

Processes: Safe and Efficient Global Order Processing

Save and efficient procurement processes with COMPAREX Using automated and controlled processes, the sourcing of software licences is not only

  •  Quicker but also
  •  More reliable and
  •  Efficient.

COMPAREX offers tailored solutions for your software procurement and administration according to your specific requirements – from a simple web shop up to a fully integrated e-supply chain.


SoftCare Products

COMPAREX SoftCare is unique toolset to reduce compliance risks, cut costs in the process of managing and purchasing software licences and increase the level of efficiency of your procurement processes.

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