Social Responsibility

Involvement in social issues is part of our business strategy and culture. At our headquarters in Leipzig, and in accordance with the continuous expansion of foreign subsidiaries, we have a sustainable contribution to the growth and development in this area.

Taking responsibility for people, society and the environment is part of the whole identity of COMPAREX. We therefore support and initiate initiatives in different areas and, increasingly, group-wide projects that support our corporate values ​​while enriching them at the same time.

COMPAREX is committed to the economic transformation towards the empowerment of those who have been previously disadvantaged.  We help in the sectors of education such as skills transfer and job creation to address the still remaining imbalance of the former Apartheid system. COMPAREX is committed to economic transformation and understands the need for the South African industry to provide the country’s population with education to bridge the “digital divide”.

COMPAREX has lent support to the Soweto Kliptown Youth Kindergarten since 2005. We have made it possible for 20 children aged between six and twelve to be educated through to graduation from high school. Right from kindergarten, "our" children are taught by a qualified teacher, paid by us, who gives them the best possible head start for school. Once they start school, we provide meals, books, teaching materials and school uniforms.

We monitor the children's development through regular reports and can therefore respond quickly and easily to their special needs.

Our employees see this project as a personal duty. Employees from our branch office in Johannesburg regularly visit the children in their own environment; enquire about their progress and the youngsters' needs so that they can help directly if required. Employees from all the other subsidiaries organise regular internal fundraising events to support urgent work such as renovating the sanitary installations, repairing the roof or buying new beds. This allows both sides to gain an immediate insight into the other's world – for a lifetime.