Issued by: Razorbill PR

[Johannesburg, 28 September 2016]

COMPAREX South Africa, a leading software and services provider, has taken strides to help SMEs attain a deeper understanding of how their networks are affected by not only external, but internal, factors as well.

According to Hailey Parker, Sales Manager at COMPAREX South Africa, many small to medium enterprises may have in-depth knowledge on the functioning principles of their networks, but are not aware of how their network is being utilised by their organisation. It is important to know exactly where to look when it comes to solving slow network response times.

Various factors like latency, throughput, packet loss and re-transmission need to be analysed to not only pinpoint facility abuse by employees, but in some cases, damaged lines or mismanaged contracts.

"Generally speaking, the biggest culprit can be how your employees use your network," says Parker. "Not only do multimedia sites like YouTube and Facebook choke your network performance, but vital systems like e-mail and online sales tools become sluggish and unresponsive."

An article on Forbes claims 39% of employees waste productive time on the Internet, while 38% preferred to goof off on social media. If we include the fact that each employee squanders at least half an hour a day on average, the accumulation becomes significant, especially when network performance is negatively impacted.

Parker adds: "While most companies don't want to be ‘that company' that bans all social networks, there are software products available that mitigate the misuse of company networks, while highlighting strategic factors businesses can deploy to boost network performance, and ultimately, productivity and profitability."

For COMPAREX South Africa, working with a company like SolarWinds, which was voted a Forbes Best Small Company in 2014, is a natural business partnership. Parker says: "SolarWinds is a business built by network and systems engineers who know what it takes to manage today's dynamic IT environments. SolarWinds' core focus is to ultimately solve network bandwidth issues in real-time so businesses can be up and running optimally in a matter of minutes. Other critical services, aside from network management, include: data management, IT security and systems management."

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