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COMPAREX – PAN EMEA Premier Partner of Intel Security

Connected Security with COMPAREX

Over the last decade COMAREX and Intel Security established a strong and successful relationship worldwide. Together we enforced the security for lots of customers all over the world and made sure their data is safe.

Being one of the top partners in EMEA, COMPAREX is invited to national and international knowledge exchanges that enable us to always provide you with the latest information on new and future products, licensing changes and of curse planned updates and patches. As member of the Intel Security Partner Advisory council, we are asked for feedback on strategies, products and market development and get involved here early.

 Intel Security Elite Partner

 Intel Security Premier Partner

 Intel Security Select Partner

Of course we are constantly working on the extension of our partnership and put much effort in the education of our team worldwide, doing so, COMPAREX Group unites all different Intel Security competencies, partners can achieve. Thanks to the above and our huge regional coverage, COMPAREX group is an important partner for Intel Security.

 We have certified Intel Security specialists

  •  VAC – Intel Security Sales Professionals: 132 employees
  •  VCP – Intel Security Technical Professionals: 24

COMPAREX as Intel Security partner is enabled to support customers in every area of Intel Security business and is equipped with a huge knowledge base regarding licensing advice. Moreover, COMPAREX is recognized as a trusted advisor worldwide being able to offer outstanding support for our customers in identifying the most suitable solution for them.

You find detailed information about products and licensing options on the official website of Intel Security. For further advice and to find the licensing model which fits your needs contact us.