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Paessler Partner Network - We are part of it!Paessler AG is a company providing network monitoring solutions. The company has been at the forefront of providing the industry's most powerful, affordable and easy-to-use network solutions since the dawn of the modern internet. The products of Paessler simplify the management avialability, performance and usage of netwroks without draining valuable system, personnel and financial resources. They just work, so you don't have to worry.


PRTG Network Monitor - the perfect solution for the smart admin!

PRTG Network Monitor is the all-inclusive monitoring software that assures the availability of all network components within an IT-infrastructure, and measures traffic and usage with one single solution.

PRTG offers you easy, failsafe and complete control over your network, proven in more than 150,000 installations worldwide. It saves costs by avoiding outages, optimizing connections, workload and quality, while saving time and controlling service level agreements (SLAs). PRTG Network Monitor supports SNMP, WMI and Flow monitoring, as well as Packet Sniffing, and monitoring of IPv6 devices

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You find detailed information about products and licensing options on the official website of Paessler. For further advice and to find the licensing model which fits your needs contact us.