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Data has changed the way we live. From sports to business, anticipating trends provides a decisive edge over competitors. Your business probably already relies on automated reporting to evaluate employee and company-wide performance. But what if you could harness the power of prediction as well?

Big data and business analytics solutions collect and analyze data to accurately reveal wider trends. In order to transform that information into profit, you need a team of reliable data experts. That’s where COMPAREX comes in. We offer:

  • Long-term cooperation
    Dedicated advisors guide you through the entire process: from designing a big data strategy to implementing the ideal solutions and providing top-notch support.
  • Personal approach
    On-site and face-to-face: our approach relies on clear objectives and short lines of communication.
  • Technical expertise
    An experienced team of dedicated analytics-experts takes care of your technical wishes.

Business analytics, or data-driven decision-making

More and more companies rely on hard data to optimize inventory, evaluate performance and take critical decisions. The power of well-informed decision-making is undeniable and businesses are looking to upgrade their analytics tools. But where to start? Data visualization, intelligence reporting or statistical analysis? There are more business analytics tools than you can evaluate on your own. COMPAREX helps you determine and implement the optimal solution(s) for your business.

What can you accomplish with big data?

Big data is a game-changer. In theory. But what can you actually do with it? Industrial and marketing applications are manifold. Just think consumer behavior and predictive maintenance. But how can you profit from the same type of applications? The possibilities range from basic analytics – helping you adjust course – to extensive data on the market and your target audience.

Paradoxically, the large range of undiscovered big data applications offers huge opportunities. Since there is still room for creative interpretation and implementation, you can truly future-proof your business. With the right guidance, of course.

Ensure the future of your business

By now, the added value of analytics and big data should be clear. But how do you start implementing a big data platform? Our solution advisors can help you evaluate the possibilities for your business and devise a strategy for you to take full advantage. Legal issues are always taken into account, as well as implemented analytics tools. Would you like to store data in the cloud? No problem, all our solutions are fully compatible. We’re ready for the future. Are you?


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