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    44% of all companies
    are using cloud services

Cloud is going to make your business succeed faster, better and cheaper. The question is how do you get there? There are lots of moving parts – the technology, the licensing, the know-how – and let’s not mention that you also have a business to run. That’s where COMPAREX comes in. 

The principle of Cloud Computing is simple: it is about delivering IT resources as requested and only paying for that actual demand. The Cloud therefore is running «As a Service» and the customer gets CPU performance, network and storage capacities as well as programming environment or even complete software including the latest updates. Although these approaches already existed separately, Cloud Computing combines them all in an outstanding and flexible solution.

Make yourself comfortable in the Cloud: COMPAREX analyzes your actual needs and requirements and takes you on the right track to migrate into the Cloud – professionally, safely and effectively.

What Businesses Think About the Cloud

...are concerned about vulnerability of their confidential data when using Private Cloud.

...of cloud users report compliance issues when using cloud services and products.

...of private cloud users (and 73% of public cloud users) are satisfied with the solution.

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  • Cloud & Software Licensing

Playing Safe: Licensing of Your Software in the Cloud

When you plan to move into the Cloud one aspect is overall important but not accurately or often too late considered: the correct licensing of your software (server licenses, user licenses etc.). COMPAREX therefore performs a detailed analysis to enable you to step into the cloud smoothly.

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