Uncover every shadow app in the cloud & on-premise

Roughly 90% of all installed applications are unknown to IT departments – even in highly regulated financial, political and health care organizations. Since the GDPR is in effect, ignoring shadow IT is no longer an option.

Rogue applications that fly under-the-radar and are unaffected by IT policies – often called shadow IT – introduce a range of legal and security risks to your organization.

COMPAREX can help you take control of shadow IT – both in the cloud and on-prem – with 3 recommendations based on best practice:


Take a closer look

We all know it’s there, but no one wants to look. Our shadow IT services include tools that automatically detect all software running in your organization – in the cloud and on-prem.


Make sure you’re safe

Software and GDPR audits are coming, and CIOs and IT Managers need to be sure whether their data is safe or not.


Pay what you owe…

and stop paying for software that your users don’t actually use. Based on our analysis of your software estate, our Software Asset Management & Security experts identify the licenses you need and offer the best possible packages.

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Get complete visibility of your software estate


Audit, analysis, scan,… Let’s call a spade a spade: you need to know which applications are being used in your organization at all times. Whether you operate in the cloud (IAAS, SAAS, PAAS, …) or work exclusively on-premise; the times of black box IT are over.

Thanks to a unique combination of tools – and a correct analysis of the results – COMPAREX can offer you complete transparency and a solid foundation on which to base next steps. And don’t worry, we’ll do all of the heavy lifting.


Thanks to the full overview of applications being used in your organization, you can find out which tools are being used most often, and what your users really want. This will give you 3 potential improvements:

Eliminate  outdated or redundant applications and consolidate software licenses for cost-savings and increased productivity.
Identify gaps in your software portfolio and decide which apps are best suited to fill them – tried and tested by your users in the shadows.
Confirm that every application is paid for and that your software estate is fully compliant.

Ensure full software compliance

Upgrade your data & cybersecurity


From data leaking out to unknown entities entering your network – shadow IT puts the integrity of your organization at risk.

Now that the GDPR in full effect, however, refusing to adequately monitor and limit software usage could have disastrous consequences. The good news? COMPAREX can help you fill any gaps in your network security and keep your data safe and encrypted.

The state of shadow IT in Belgium

How COMPAREX can shine a light on your shadow IT

Plenty of IT providers offer their own Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) solutions, but none offer our complete service package that includes monitoring:

In the cloud

Together we find the best CASB for your situation – without preference or prejudice.


We run our innovative Software Asset Management solution called Portfolio Management Platform.

Whenever you’re ready to investigate shadow IT and turn it into an advantage, contact us and we will devise a tailor-made strategy for your organization.

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