According to COMPAREX, Software Asset Management (SAM) is the combination of processes, procedures, setup, tooling, policy and knowledge that allows an organization to manage its software from purchase to renewal. SAM is closely related to - and actually includes - license management. License management entails organizing software licenses, followed by optimizing the use of software licenses and therefore reducing their costs.

Experience and analysis show that software licenses form a large part of the IT budget. Costs and contractual obligations force companies to utilize their licenses as efficiently as possible. Our service includes a continuously high quality and the possibility to set up a contract including result guarantees.

COMPAREX guides you to maximum transparency

Do you regularly need to deliver an accurate summary of your license status? Software Asset Management helps you in obtaining maximum transparency in your license management. This implies possible savings and minimizes the chance of having insufficient licenses.

We analyze your software license portfolio and compare the licenses you have bought with the licenses you have installed and the licenses you use. Questions like ‘did we install more software than we have licenses for?’ or ‘ do we really need or use all the software we have?’ are now answered accurately.

SAM advice: Reduce risks by decent license management

Software Asset Management gives a clear overview of your compliance status. Furthermore you will receive professional SAM advice from our experts in order to reduce the risk of expensive audits and to lower your software costs.

Advantages of SAM advice

Transparency regarding your license management
Permanent insightful compliancy information
Accurate estimations of your software budgets
Up-to-date license knowledge of our team of experts
Reduced risk of audits
Cost efficient (SAM) advice

Software Asset Management with SAM2GO

In executing SAM projects COMPAREX has the possibility to use a wide range of tools. Different tools answer to different wishes and demands. One of those however is our very own Software Asset Management tool called SAM2GO. SAM2GO is part of COMPAREX SoftCare, but can also be used independently. Click here to find out more about SAM2GO.


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