A license to excel

Software Asset Management constitutes a large part of most IT budgets and is fundamental to the profitability of your business. Still, it is often considered a nuisance. Mainly because the required expertise and attention are highly taxing for most IT departments. The solution? Easy. Contract a licensing specialist to optimize your software portfolio and cut costs. COMPAREX is the ideal partner to deliver:

  • Global Dynamic Sourcing
    The best rates on the planet for your software licenses
  • Vendor variety
    Specialized software? No problem, we’ll manage (your licenses)
  • Legal expertise
    Plenty of audit experience, so we know what to look for
  • Budget-friendly solution
    Bundle superfluous licenses to cut costs

Outsource software licensing

All of a sudden, the entire IT department grinds to a halt and starts frantically looking over contracts, collecting data, and doing everything they can to avoid a monster fine. Software license audits can really damage your business. But how can you avoid that scenario? Let COMPAREX execute a riskless audit, acquire the necessary licenses as cheaply as possible, and rest at ease. Besides, you might even save costs. In short? We offer:

  • Transparent license management
  • Free analysis of software use and cost efficiency
  • Meticulous planning of software budgets. No more surprises
  • 100% compliance at any time, guaranteed

SAM2GO: transparent compliance management

Even today, some companies remain in the dark. SAM2GO is a COMPAREX software license tool that provides an interactive overview of all your licenses. Use it to analyze installed programs, acquired software licenses, and actual usage. But don’t worry, the automatically generated reports will be explained to you by a COMPAREX solution advisor. With SAM2GO, your business stays compliant. Always.

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