Modern corporate strategies increasingly require business processes to be adapted dynamically. When it comes to optimising day-to-day business processes, having flexible server infrastructures with reliable uptime is becoming more and more important. Communication between customers, partners and employees is more direct than ever before, thanks to electronic networking. Efficient forms of collaboration and business processing via internet save your time, money and resources. Evolved IT solutions need to be incorporated into your network on a flexible basis. COMPAREX supports all relevant platforms – UNIX, LINUX, Windows or mainframe operating systems.

COMPAREX Server Solutions

Your Benefits

The main features of a dynamic server infrastructure are high availability, scalability and the incorporation of business portals. They provide the foundation for a flexible platform that is available around the clock, and which reacts quickly to changing requests. New solutions clearly work faster with far less effort, and can be realised at a lower cost.

Costs and sustainability

Integrated server infrastructure solutions offer investment protection and security in the long term. Even one-off solutions can be realised in the short-term and are economically feasible thanks to integrated infrastructure planning. Special benefits in this respect are a clear ROI and low TCO.

Server Virtualization

Virtual power for your IT infrastructure – Get all details on the concept of a virtual environment as well as all virtualization solutions. Improve your IT infrastructure and get high efficiency to your IT.