Everything starts with a concept, an idea, a thought, an approach. Some good examples are: Server Based Computing (SBC), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Cloud Computing and Workspace Management. Regardless of the products and / or vendors with which it will be eventually filled technologically, the concept remains the same. It is a certain philosophy which is the basis for the provision of ICT services.

From Concept to Practice

Once the concept is made, and its added value is clear, it must be tested in practice. The best way to do this is through a Proof of Concept (PoC), where different products within the concept can be tested in order to get to the right solution.

Licensing advice

Once a decision has been made for a concept or a product, it must also be licensed. There is no more uncertainty than it is around the virtualized software licensing. Especially within a dynamic infrastructure, it is difficult to make a good analysis.

For both the guidance from concept to practice, and licensing advice, please contact our Solution Advisors Virtualization & Infrastructure . Within COMPAREX they are responsible for the solutions from Citrix, VMware, RES and value add suppliers as Veeam, (Novell) Platespin and Vizioncore. From our V&I Solution Advisors, you will receive extensive advice on concept, product licensing and on technical level.
Whether it's Cloud Computing, Server or Desktop and Application Virtualization: your desires and goals are decisive, not the complexity of the concept or the license.

Virtualization Concepts

Virtualization technologies are used in different ways in your IT environment, depending on your individual circumstances and IT requirements. Choosing the right virtualization solution involves several factors.

Virtual Power for your IT infrastructure

Take advantage of the virtualization technologies that boost your IT, and work with COMPAREX to unleash new energy! For more information about the virtualization solutions that COMPAREX provides you, please refer to the following statements:

Application VirtualizationApplication Virtualization

Central provision of applications, files and registry operations.

Desktop VirtualizationDesktop Virtualization

Disconnect hardware and software and then centrally offer the software to the user.

Server VirtualizationServer Virtualization

A control layer between hardware and software provides a flexible allocation of hardware resources.

Server Based ComputingServer Based Computing

Let calculations be executed on the server and make longer use of the existing hardware.

Cloud SolutionsCloud Computing

The provision of applications through "the cloud".

Workspace Management

Workspace Management

Standard corporate desktop configuration and personalization.