Due to extensive data growth, especially when it comes to unstructured data, the implementation of new backup and recovery technologies is becoming more and more complex. COMPAREX provides you with many years of experience in all areas: tapes, disks, data deduplication and recovery of high availability environments. Our backup and recovery solutions enable you to improve data protection, to optimise backup and recovery, as well as to maximise compliance with varying service levels – even with huge amounts of data.

You can also reduce the amount of data for the backup and expand the environment through a wide range of different platforms, applications and service solutions using Managed Services. COMPAREX provides you with a wide range of solutions for centralised and decentralised backup technologies.

  • Hardware platforms like tapes, libraries and disk storage systems for centralised and decentralised backup requirements
  • Backup software solutions from the leading vendors
  • Data deduplication solutions for your all requirements
  • Complex disaster and recovery solutions for all your requirements
  • Assessment, consulting and implementation of the preferred solution into your data centre environment

Your Benefits

  • Faster backup, faster recovery – Compliance with shorter backup time slots and recovery of your applications within minutes instead of days
  • Shorter backup time slots – Minimisation of backup time slots to minimise the impact on your application and system availability
  • Reduced business risks – Fast and precise data recovery with the help of integrated hardware redundancies and RAID protection
  • Better control – Protection of important data with SLA based management of data storage and deletion
  • Improved IT efficiency – Saving many hours of work and considerably increasing user productivity
  • Lower costs – Coordination of infrastructure costs regarding to the changing value of information with efficient, cost-effective, multi-level storage

Backup Recepvery and Archiving Solutions