We provide companies with technology that is adapted to their business needs, based on our longstanding experience in the industry and vast technical knowledge.  We are able to conduct the full range of activities, from the business concept, planning, design and adaptation to the customer’s requirements and budget, right through to delivery, implementation, training, support and comprehensive maintenance.

With respect to hardware, our product line includes:

  • Low-end, mid-range and enterprise scale arrays
  • Tape libraries of all sizes
  • Servers from entry-level with Intel x86-64 technology, up to the most powerful mainframe class computers
  • SAN and NAS solutions
  • Fibre Channel networks
  • Optical networks for ultra-fast data transmission, xWDM
  • We cater for all shapes and sizes of arrays and servers and we do not depend on one single vendor

COMPAREX Storage Solutions

Storage Virtualization

Virtual power for your IT infrastructure – Get all details on the concept of a virtual environment as well as all storage virtualization solutions. Improve your IT infrastructure and get high efficiency to your IT.