Modular IT for a more dynamic business

Our modular storage systems enable you to design your storage infrastructure in keeping with the latest developments in your business. They are characterised by unsurpassed scalability and optimum availability.
Thanks to these qualities and a raft of other high-end attributes, storage systems are ideally suited for databases that are growing quickly and applications that require high availability and performance.
Tailored to your needs, these systems provide cost efficiencies due to the low storage space involved and minimal infrastructure requirements. This means they are perfectly suited for use as a migration platform.

Innovations across all system platforms

COMPAREX is respected as a strategic partner with expertise in data centers and all critical systems. We provide you with support along the entire IT lifecycle. Since we know how quickly business requirements can change, we provide tried and tested IT components for maximum flexibility and dynamism.

Measurable success

COMPAREX is an expert when it comes to the financial optimisation of IT infrastructures. We can advise you on implementing optimal, customised solutions.

Strategic partnership for your business

With the support of COMPAREX our customers put their entrepreneurial ideas into practice. COMPAREX provides, finances and maintains business critical IT components using best practice methods.